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Industry recognised certification and training programmes available from Global Industry Bodies such as; Iasa, The Open Group, ISACA and more.

Each Enterprise Architect might have a primary specialisation and one or more secondary specialisation depending on their experiences and knowledge acquired during their career journey. With each step, you gain insights into aligning your organisation's goals and resources, forging a comprehensive blueprint for sustainable growth, and making informed decisions that drive innovation and efficiency. Which role are you?

Enterprise Architecture Certification Pathway


Enterprise Architecture Specialisations

Enterprise Architecture Specialisations for your Business Strategy Training.

The realm of enterprise architecture introduces diverse specialisations that cater to unique organisational needs. Each specialisation brings its own set of expertise to the table, ensuring that enterprise architects can tailor their skills to address specific challenges and opportunities within the ever-evolving business landscape.

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    This brochure lays out all the training programmes and certifications offered by ATD

The 4 Components of Digital EA Landscape

Framework & Reference Model

The most widely used EA & governance framework

Tools & Digital Repository

The ‘single source of truth’ platform which enables the realisation of the organisation’s Digital EA

Skillsets & Industry Best Practices

The skillsets and industry best practices to deliver valuable technology strategy for the business.

Notational Language

The enterprise notational language used for the connected enterprise to model Digital EA.
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Why Choose Our Certification Programmes

Authorised and Accredited

All our programmes are certified and accredited by global industry bodies that are the benchmarks in the area of ITABoK skillsets, Enterprise Governance, Enterprise Architecture Framework and Enterprise Notational Language.

Experienced Trainers & Coaches

Our team of trainers and coaches with 20 years of industry experience across various sectors and verticals around the world.

Competency Assessements

We provide Skill Competency Assessment & Development programmes to benchmark the levels of effectiveness, further ensuring the ability to enable innovations and deliver organisation’s full capabilities.

Customised Modules

We create bespoke modules made especially for you for practical guidance and competencies development in real-life project implementation.

ATD Achievers Network

Our network of alumnis consisting of industry professionals and graduates offers our clients an invaluable opportunity to connect and benefit from their peers through our various events.

Collaboration with partners

We collaborate with local agencies and professional associations to further upgrade the future skillset of the workforce for the local industry. Our certification courses are supported by the Government Funding Programmes in some of the Asia countries.

TOGAF® Certified
CITA-A Certified
CITA-F Certified
Cobit 5 Certified
Our Learning Principals
(The Business Technology Architect Association)

ATD is the sole authorised provider and distributor of all Iasa’s architecture training & certification programmes in Asia Pacific. Iasa (The Business Technology Architect Association) is the premier association that focuses on the IT architecture profession by leading the best practices in Enterprise Architect. Established in 2002, Iasa membership consists of approximately 80,000 members located in over 50 countries.

The Open Group

ATD is the sole authorised provider and distributor of all The Open Group training & certification programmes in Asia Pacific. The Open Group is a global consortium that focuses on developing and promoting open standards and best practices for technology and business. It was founded in 1996 and has been instrumental in facilitating collaboration among various organizations, industries, and professionals to drive the adoption of open, vendor-neutral standards.


ISACA is a global professional association and learning organization with 170,000 members who work in digital trust fields such as information security, governance, assurance, risk, privacy and quality. With a presence in 188 countries and with 225 chapters worldwide, ISACA is recognized around the world for its guidance, credentials, education, training and community. To serve its professional community across the globe, ISACA has established three offices based in North America, Europe and China.


AXELOS is responsible for developing, enhancing and promoting a number of best practice frameworks and methodologies used globally by professionals working primarily in IT service management, project, programme and portfolio management and cyber resilience.

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Can You Assist Me In Selecting The Suitable Course(S) For My Job Role?

Yes, please contact our Program Counsellor here. He or she will help you find the right course(s) to meet your training needs. You may also download our certification path here.

If I Want To Be An Architect, Or If I Want To Build An Architecture Team, Which Course(S) Should I Go For?

If you want to be an Architect or looking to build an architecture team, here are some of the courses that you should take: TOGAF® and ArchiMate® to set up Enterprise Architecture Office. TOGAF® is an EA Framework while ArchiMate is an EA Notation. This is suitable for all the architects that use TOGAF® or ArchiMate® as a standard for their organisation. IASA Business IT Architecture Foundation and Architecture Core (Certified IT Architect-Foundation) is the foundation or fundamental for the BTABoK to understand project requirement, scope, and business IT value justification. This course is suitable for Business Analyst, Pre-sales, Project Manager, Business head, Digital Transformation/Innovation Team, and all IT Architects. Business Technology Strategy (BTS) and EA Specialisation (Business/ Software/Information/ Infrastructure/ Solution Architect). Certified IT Architect Associate (CITA-A) will be awarded upon passing both BTS and one of the Specialisation’s exam. This course is suitable for the Head of Departments, an architect with Specialisation Role.

What is the difference between The Open Group and IASA courses?

The Open Group is one of the enterprise architecture framework focused organizations that offer trainings and certifications on their architecture framework, while IASA is a non-profit organization that offers IT Architecture skill trainings and certifications based on BTABoK.

Are certifications the same in the regions that offer these courses?

As the certification courses are offered by our principals - IASA, The Open Group, ISACA. Therefore, these certifications are valid globally regardless of which country the courses and exams were taken.

How do I register for ATD training courses?

You can call or write to our Program Counsellor at, we will get in touch with you immediately within 24 business hours.

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