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TOGAF® Certification

The Open Group is a global consortium dedicated to developing and promoting open, vendor-neutral standards and certifications across various domains, including technology and enterprise architecture.

TOGAF® is a comprehensive framework that assists enterprises in planning, designing, and managing their Enterprise Architecture across data, technology, application, and business domains, emphasizing standardized products and open systems.

The TOGAF® 9 qualification is particularly valuable for those engaged in IoT projects, and the newly introduced TOGAF® EA Standard simplifies the adoption of best practices by incorporating enduring concepts, proven guidelines, and emerging ideas for customized Enterprise Architecture implementation.

The TOGAF certification lineup encompasses various certification and credential options based on both the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2, and the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition. This offering features a collection of educational tracks closely aligned with the TOGAF Standard and the TOGAF Library. These pathways offer diverse learning opportunities, spanning from concise certification credentials (requiring 3 hours of study or more) to comprehensive multi-day certifications.

TOGAF 10 Benefits


TOGAF 10 provides several significant benefits for organizations embracing it as their enterprise architecture framework. These advantages include:

  1. Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings: TOGAF 10 streamlines architecture development and implementation, reducing duplicate efforts, enhancing collaboration, and accelerating time-to-market. This leads to improved resource allocation and substantial cost savings.
  2. Improved Decision-Making and Risk Management: TOGAF 10 offers a robust decision-making framework that considers business requirements, technology capabilities, and risks. It enables organizations to make informed decisions aligned with their strategic goals, minimizing project failures and enhancing risk management.
  3. Enhanced Alignment between IT and Business Goals: TOGAF 10 fosters alignment between IT and business by providing a common language and framework for communication. It ensures that IT strategies support overall business objectives, promoting collaboration and shared responsibility.
  4. Accelerated Digital Transformation: In the age of digital transformation, TOGAF 10 provides a structured approach to navigate complex technology landscapes. It helps organizations develop clear roadmaps for digital initiatives, ensuring alignment with business objectives and enabling them to stay competitive and capitalize on emerging opportunities



The Open Group TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Foundation certification provides validation that an individual has the basic knowledge and understanding of the Enterprise Architecture using the TOGAF approach, sufficient to be able to contribute to an architecture project or work with the results.



The Open Group TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture certification provides validation that an individual has the knowledge, comprehension, and ability to analyze and apply the TOGAF Standard to developing, sustaining, and using an Enterprise Architecture.

What Open Badges are available?

The TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Practitioner badge is issued for individuals becoming certified at the practitioner level. In addition for individuals attending accredited courses who satisfactorily complete the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Practitioner Learning Studies (a set of minimum 10 practical exercises) the Applied TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Practitioner badge is issued.

FAQ About TOGAF Framework Certification

  • General questions

Who Needs TOGAF® Certification?

From Corporate perspective: - Any organisation using TOGAF® framework for their EAO. - Any architects that sit in the core team of EAO using TOGAF® framework and IT architects in a project team that need to comply with TOGAF® framework. From personal perspective: - Your organisation is using TOGAF® framework and you want to move to an architect role. - Your organisation is NOT using TOGAF® framework but you want to be an architect for your next career path. - You want a recognised and certified certification for your next career move.

What is the difference between The Open Group and IASA courses?

The Open Group is one of the enterprise architecture framework focused organizations that offer trainings and certifications on their architecture framework, while IASA is a non-profit organization that offers IT Architecture skill trainings and certifications based on BTABOK.

Can I Attend TOGAF® Certification Program Without Going For The Fundamental And Foundational Course(S)?

Yes, you could go straight for the TOGAF® Certification but it will be highly recommended to learn the fundamental of Enterprise Architecture such as BITAF and Architecture Core training courses. The reason being TOGAF® is a methodological framework based training that tells you how to set up and run the EAO (Enterprise Architecture Organisation) and it is assumed that you already have the fundamental knowledge of EA (i.e. Fundamental of BTABoK skillsets) which are covered in BITAF & AC training courses. TOGAF® course will guide you steps by steps based on “What” to set up the EAO but not “How” i.e. the ‘How’ is addressed by BTABoK – Business Technology Architecture Body of Knowledge.

If I fail the TOGAF® certification exam, can I re-take the exam for free?

For The Open Group Certification, please see the Advice for Candidates information sheet on their website for information on how to obtain a retake voucher.

Can I re-attend the same class, even though I haven’t attempted the exam?

For The Open Group certification classes, if a reasonable length of time had passed from the time you attended the class to the time you take the exam, we would allow you to re-attend the same class for free. You will need to bring your course materials. Please contact your Program Counsellor to book a re-sit.
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