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The Crucial Role That Digital Enterprise Architecture Plays Within Your Digital Ecosystem

The Crucial Role That Digital Enterprise Architecture Plays Within Your Digital Ecosystem

The digital ecosystem is a complex and ever-evolving reality and organisations will need to find ways to proactively prepare for the digital future. This includes developing a Digital Enterprise Architecture (EA) that will enable the enterprise to identify and implement strategies for success in this changing environment.

Digital enterprises should understand both aspects of Digital EA in greater depth and detail, focusing on how it can be used by organisations looking to build their own digital capabilities for today and tomorrow. Architecture can be understood as the design of spaces for living, working, recreation or as the process by which architects create these designs. Digital EA could also be described as the blueprint that helps organisations to see the future through the roadmap plan created as a result in realising the corporate strategic direction.

The Digital Ecosystem

Figure 1: The Digital Ecosystem by TechTarget

In today’s digitally connected world, Digital EA plays more important than ever before. It’s not just about the technology, it’s about how organisations use the EA to create an enterprise blueprint that works for the digital future. The Digital Ecosystem is a living system comprised of a variety of interdependent components; it includes people, processes, data and information. To be successful, organisations need to understand this "ecosystem" and the role of Digital EA that aligns with each component.

Many organisations' strategies have incorporated digital transformation. No matter where in the digital journey an organisation is, it is essential that a digital ecosystem is established to improve performance. The digital ecosystem will allow the organisation to focus its energies on facilitating business value by delivering new digital capabilities while removing outdated legacy services.

Digital EA and Building a Digital Future

Digital EA as a discipline, plays a crucial role in driving digital ecosystem. It is responsible and accountable for its success and growth. Digital EA enables the blending of business and technology, will be intuitive and drive innovation across the ecosystem to generate collective value. Digital ecosystem supported with the right Digital EA can assist organisations to implement new technology strategically in ways that are seamless and manageable. This will also decrease cost with better business processes due to the improved workflow efficiency.

In order to make this happens, it is important to think about the broader meaning of Digital EA and for organisations to remain open to change. Digital EA becomes a powerful tool to drive digital innovation and make a business more resilient by focusing in identifying gaps that exist and come up with their respective solutions as well as on improving the processes within an organisation. This reworking cannot proceed if the organisation is not willing to embrace all of the potential changes. The roadmap for success in today's digital world requires organisations to think about their operating models, processes, technologies, stakeholders, suppliers, customers, communities, ecosystems and how they can leverage these to create values.

For today’s digital era, it is necessary to build a strong ecosystem enabled by digital technology. Digital EA must blend business, technology and people to enable and drive participating entities across the ecosystem. Build a highly connected, collaborative platform supported by right skills, process, technology, infrastructure with a matured governance will sustain the digital transformation journey.

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