Seeking Excellence in Digital Enterprise Architecture and Digital Talents

Seeking Excellence in Digital Enterprise Architecture and Digital Talents 

Over the past two years, many sectors rapidly adopted technology and have transformed themselves to adapt to the new normal. The recovery, coupled with demands of the new digital environment, have led to a strong resurgence in hiring trends across verticals in most organisations and their support system.  

Digital Enterprise Architecture (Digital EA) has become crucial where it combines the expertise of certain sector and technology providers with the available technology frameworks that can be used to standardise and simplify the entire organisational architecture.  With the establishment of Digital EA as a culture, organisations can improve the digital environment by providing customers with a seamless experience while shifting employees to the digital mindset and culture of the entire enterprise. 

The COVID-19 crisis has only heightened the need for digital talent that has the ability to pivot and steer businesses through hard times and onto firm ground. That’s why skilled digital leaders are being sought throughout all sectors and across a countless of functional disciplines. Digital talents with EA skillsets are in particular demand and digital transformation experience is vital. 

Big Opportunities for Digital EA Talents 

Many organisations are boosting its strength with the hiring of more Digital EA talents to support digital innovation. They believe that the efforts to provide greater opportunities and spur the creation of new Digital EA jobs shows that the digital people are their main asset in these challenging times.  

It is important to achieve competitive advantage, business innovation, and improved operational effectiveness and efficiency by exploiting information technology developments. Employees that are equipped with digital literacy and understanding how technology involves in transforming the sectors today plays an incredibly critical role. The hiring of more Digital EA talents will assist many sectors to establish a common architecture consisting of business process, information, data, application and technology architecture layers for effectively and efficiently realising enterprise and IT strategies by creating key models and practices that describe the baseline and target architectures 

ATD Solution Addresses EA Talent Shortages with Train-and-Place Programmes 

Figure 1: Overview of Train-and-Place Programmes

Demand for EA jobs will continue to increase as many financial services institutions begin to understand the importance of digital business. ATD Solution helps in addressing talent shortages in EA and skill-up the competency gaps among the individuals who are interested in taking up the available EA job opportunities in the market through Train-and-Place Programmes.  

ATD Solution leverages on its wide network of alumni, corporate clients, partners and architect communities to create a platform for individuals who want to explore better career advancement in EA roles and companies who want to build in-house digital capabilities and require EA talents to help integrating digital into their core business strategy and implementing of digital projects. ATD can support in the recruitment process for the right Digital Talents and in the establishment of the core digital team. ATD will also assist individuals in equipping them with the required skillsets to perform in the new EA roles. We will further help in job matching and connecting candidates to the companies participated in the Digital Leaders Programme (DLP).   

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