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Promoting Sustainable Development at InnoEx 2023 by Cyberview

September 12, 2023
ATD Solution

InnoEx by Cyberview is more than an event; it's a celebration of innovation and technology. Yet, at its heart, it's a platform that brings together innovators, industry leaders, and the community to explore the potential of technology, all within the vibrant tech hub of Cyberjaya.

ATD Solution: Promoting Sustainable Development
Amidst the dynamic InnoEx environment, ATD Solution was notably present as an advocate for sustainable development. As a recognised player in the tech industry, our focus extended beyond innovation to fostering a sustainable future. During InnoEx, we had the privilege of presenting our Sustainable Development Programme—an initiative that aimed to influence our approach to sustainability. Showcasing the Sustainable Development Programme to the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia, Chang Lih Kang at the InnoEx 2023

A Sustainable Tomorrow
Our Sustainable Development Programme is a response to the environmental and social challenges of our time. This programme is all about developing localised, actionable plans and roadmaps to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while aligning with the World Knowledge Bank 2030 agenda.

Unlocking the Power of Enterprise Architecture (EA)
What sets our programme apart is its unique approach. It leverages the power of Enterprise Architecture (EA) to chart a path towards sustainable development. This approach is practical and results-oriented. If you're passionate about making a tangible impact on the SDGs, this programme is a valuable resource.

Industry & Technology Experts at Your Service
We understand that achieving sustainability goals can be complex. That's why we gathered a team of industry and technology experts to guide you through the Sustainable Development Programme. We're not just showcasing this programme; we're actively promoting it as a useful tool for change.

So, if you're ready to turn your sustainability aspirations into tangible actions, partner with ATD Solution. Together, we can shape a sustainable tomorrow that benefits not only our organisations but also our communities and the world at large.

Take Action Today!
Contact us and embark on your journey towards sustainable development. Let's make a difference, one sustainable step at a time. Read more about our Sustainable Development Programme here!

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