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October 8, 2019
Aaron Tan Dani
For the past 10 years, the Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture (EA) Awards competition, the Top 10 Global EA Awards highlights the most successful global stories of EA’s strategic leadership and concrete business impact. It shows the value of a close relationship between EA and the business and create a solid vision for enabling digital transformation and effective governance practices — not to mention the need for a high-priority response to a global pandemic, to embrace future opportunities for businesses to be customer-led, insights-driven, and connected in the fast moving and unprecedented world. The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) and Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) have been selected as the top ten finalists by the Forrester EA Analysts. This significant achievement proves that ATD EA engagement programs have successfully provided them with valuable EA implementation experiences, insights and knowledge, and enhance the stakeholders’ management capabilities with tailored Digital EA framework, methodology and approach for each of the client’s projects. MAMPU’s MyGovEA and PNB’s EA Capability leveraged on the TOGAF® Architecture Development Method to drive EA adoption and the core EA team ensured that the business objectives, financial commitment and capability building remained the focus areas during this transformation, which led to successful implementation and realisation of benefits. MAMPU’s MyGovEA Drives Business Capabilities with Digital Transformation MAMPU is the leading central agency for modernization and transformation of Public Service Administration in Malaysia. They are responsible in catalysing and be the change agent for the country’s public service administration and management. Their mission is to drive effective and efficient public service that empowers people-centered service delivery through management development initiatives and the implementation of digital government. As the Malaysian government is striving for a more inclusive and integrated delivery service, they realized that with many ministries and agencies in the public sector, they have developed their own ICT capabilities individually which bring few challenges:
  1. Various silos services;
  2. Divided functions of the “Management” and “ICT” sectors causing duplication;
  3. Information was not seamlessly shared among divisions; and
  4. No structured architecting approached or methodology.
EA was identified as one of the prime initiatives to drive establishment of a Connected Government. By aligning their business and ICT strategic goals, it accelerates the realisation of the Digital Government in Malaysia by increasing the business capabilities in a structured manner. EA framework known as MyGovEA was established to enhance capabilities in digital transformation towards unified and comprehensive government which has strengthen their role in digital service delivery. This initiative also achieved an international recognition in 2018 from The Open Group during The Open Group Conference and Awards for Innovation and Excellence. PNB’s EA Capability Strengthens Governance of Innovation Culture and Technology Adoption PNB is one of the largest fund management companies in Malaysia with assets under management (AUM) exceeding RM300 billion (USD70 billion). Their portfolio covers strategic investments in Malaysia’s leading corporates, global equities, private investments and real estate. The rise of new technologies, globalization and the dynamics in customer needs have resulted many organisations to experience changes for organisational growth. They have realised that their growth has led to divergence of standards and architectures resulted in challenges such as:
  1. Duplication of technologies and divergence from core standards;
  2. Limited and inconsistent architecture patters and frameworks; and
  3. Difficult to leverage skills, solutions and leading practices.
EA capability ensured PNB’s business units are inter-connected and inter-dependant to drive better standardisation and governance of architecture and technology standards to support changes in the corporate and individual business unit strategic objectives. It supports in improving business performance, leading efficient processes, faster response times and boosting productivity. ATD Integrated Digital Enterprise Architecture Digital EA is a defined blueprint of practices that realise the business technology strategy using a holistic and integrated approach. The establishment of Digital EA as a Culture will ensure repositioning and realignment of IT to the current business needs and environment that will result in the development of new enterprise capabilities through the “Digital Enterprise Map” that will provide the snapshot of the organisation, and this can be used to continuously transform the organization to achieve higher digital maturity with agility. ATD is dedicated in helping the clients to enhance the quality of their services, improve efficiency and increase stakeholder values while reducing and or optimizing operational costs with proper implementation of Digital EA. This is realised though connecting the enterprise digitally with traceability from Strategy to Business to Information to Application and Infrastructure and vice versa. ATD’s goal is to help the clients utilise the best practices in Digital EA so that they may discover and unlock the true value of their business. An effective EA establishment within the enterprise is one whereby EA plays strategic role as the central of command and control to connect and integrate various tasks and functions within an enterprise.
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