Enterprise Architecture for Digital Twin Initiatives

Enterprise Architecture for Digital Twin Initiatives

Gartner® defines a digital twin as "a digital representation of a real-world entity or system". More specifically, digital twin technology enables the creation of a virtual representation that effectively replicates both the physical components as well as the dynamics and behaviour of how technology performs and works over the course of its lifecycle. A wide range of datasets are collected and interpreted in order to realise the desired similarity between the real-world element and its twin model. The concept of the digital twin is simple, however, establishing and realizing it in reality can be complicated and difficult because of the dynamic components.

Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things are all used in digital twins to make systems and organisations more efficient, resulting in improved outcomes. A digital twin's main advantage is that it gives real-time model of an enterprise that can aid understanding, modelling, and comprehension of how things and systems work in the real enterprise. It allows users to better optimise the efficiency of a physical entity's performance and dependency throughout its existence.

Demonstrating EA Value Virtually

The idea of recognising that the models typically captured within an Enterprise Architecture (EA) would enable the digital twinning of the enterprise itself is what makes EA and digital twins work hand in hand. It is commonly known as a Digital Enterprise Map of the organisation. The Digital Twin of the Organisation is a concept invented by Gartner. To simply understand the concept, it is based on using a digital representation of an organisation to better plan and execute a business transformation initiative. The digital twin concept offers a virtual model that can be analysed and altered quickly to support the transformation initiative rather than applying them to the real enterprise and that is the reason why digital twin model is so useful. All the dependencies and impacts that new transformation bring to the organization can be reflected and analysed clearly as depicted in the following figure 1.

Figure 1: Model of Digital Twin through Enterprise Architecture by ATD Solution

When applying digital twin concept to the organisations, it can present an opportunity for EA practice to demonstrate the tangible values and enable organisation to be more efficient, effective and innovative. Digital twin, supported by Digital EA Platforms can assist and model how different transformation scenarios play out as well as efficiently realizing all the strategies across business layers, application layers, data layers and technology layer as well as implementation or project layer.

Achieving Business Operational Excellence

Using digital twin to model digital transformation is an excellent way to achieve operational efficiency as well as prioritise investments in line with the expected growth. Organisations can ensure to achieve this by modelling and gathering information about the business operations and present those data to the relevant key stakeholders and gain their supports by presenting new opportunities to be realized as part of the digital transformation journey.

Also, as Digital EA platform has become more capable to model Digital Enterprise Map with more information displayed through customised dashboards that are relevant and useful for strategic decision making. This leads to increased insights information and support successful transformation journey and digital culture establishment.

The impact that digital twins can make is huge. Many are just now in development stage due to the complexity of their creation, but soon enterprises will need to have digital twins model to support their transformation journey. And their usefulness and capabilities will continue to evolve. It is a powerful concept that can drive capability development. According to IDC®, organisations that invest in digital twin technology will see a 30 percent improvement in critical processes, improve the customer journey experience by better understanding customer needs, develop enhancements to existing products, operations, and services as well as help in driving the innovation of new business.

ATD Consulting assist clients to establish their connected Digital Enterprise Architecture as a culture. The clients will be equipped with the necessary capabilities and competencies to continuously driving digital transformation within the organisation.

ATD Solution offers Enterprise Architecture  certification that will help you to evolve into strategist who can expertly model, analyse and reason about structural and financial aspects of a business.

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