E-Book Getting The Right Enterprise Architects

Getting the Right Enterprise Architects

Digital Transformation Drivers

More and more, companies are looking to adopt Digital Transformation (DT) to be a part of their key strategic initiative as emerging technologies continue to fast-track the collaboration between business and information technology (IT) leadership. The COVID-19 pandemic has done nothing but accelerate the need for innovation among businesses, especially those that are struggling to maintain relevance and keeping business afloat.

To ensure successful Digital Transformation implementation, organisations need to understand more than just how to use the technologies provided for them. They also need to get well-acquainted with all the important concepts of Business IT integration. Learn their jargon, then fit in and work effectively with Business and IT teams.

Digitalisation is creating fierce competition for hires with digital skills. This is now felt across all sectors, not just those on the leading technological edge. Digital talents with the right skills that focus on business strategy and digital collaboration are able to use new technology and feel supported in the digital transformation process.

This is where Enterprise Architects play a major role. Enterprise Architects harmonise and coordinate the development of all business units’ architectures to make sure they fit coherently within the organisation. They are the core team that drive digital transformation initiatives and supports the digital business strategies.

To be successful, the Enterprise Architects must have the knowledge and skills to stay relevant in the age of digital and business transformation. They have to be able to describe an IT project as a business solution, not in terms of the cool technology involved. They need to have the ability to see from various viewpoints, and to understand the implications for the customer, for the business and for all its units. The Enterprise ArchitectS must enable future visionary strategy, while being pragmatic enough to execute the tasks of the day. These are not easy feats to accomplish, which is why great Enterprise Architects are in demand.

Ultimately, Enterprise Architects will be your competitive advantage and we can help you to set your digital transformation course.

This ebook will guide you to learn the importance of having Enterprise Architects for Digital Transformation initiatives, uncover the value of each Enterprise Architects Specialisation, discover what are the criteria of Enterprise Architects and how to get the right Enterprise Architects.

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