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Digital Enterprise Architecture Quick Wins for Customer Experience Strategy

July 21, 2022
Aaron Tan Dani

Digital Enterprise Architecture Quick Wins for Customer Experience Strategy

Many organisations are leveraging new technologies to disrupt their businesses while making life easier for their customers. Before embarking on a Customer Journey Strategy, organisations need to first identify their business imperatives and priorities and understand what their stakeholders desire and focus on the customers as the centre of gravity for digital innovation. Using these benchmarks, organisations can customise a Customer Journey Strategy with Digital Enterprise Architecture (EA) roadmap to build their digital initiatives and win the hearts and minds of their customers.

Businesses offering the products and services that involve direct interactions with customers, will need to consider and leverage on Digital EA capability. One of the main reasons for these consideration is the ability of Digital EA to improve customer experience by modelling the interaction from the customer point of view. Financial services are, for example, among the first industries engaging Digital EA projects. Changing consumer habits and the new competitive environment, are forcing them to urgently deal with their customer process so as not to be left behind in a rapidly changing market.

Creating a Customer Journey Strategy with Digital EA

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In a number of organisations, Digital EA can take the lead on some key activities to ensure that technology systems support a seamless, integrated and high-quality customer experience. There are a number of attributes that make Digital EA well-positioned to get involved in improving customer experience.

Digital EA uniquely understands enterprise systems, processes and data, which means it understands the foundations and provide what the experience that customer wants and needs while interacting with the organisation. Similarly, Digital EA's cross-enterprise perspective allows it to provide insight across business units and technology silos. This is critical for improving customer experience issues, which are frequently impacted by many disparate business teams and technologies. Digital EA's holistic mindset helps align IT strategy with business strategy.

Identifying the Gaps and Opportunities of an Organisation

Digital EA can assist in identifying any silo relationship not only between business processes and functions but also among the application and infrastructure silos. Customer experience pain points occur frequently at the handoffs between different teams or technologies that support a particular product or service. While business leaders may struggle to find the specific reasons behind a pain point, Digital EA has a unique point of view that provide the underlying technology roadmaps, business capability maps and views of the present state architecture. With that, Digital EA can assist an organisation to spot gaps across technology, organisational and process silos.

Many organisations have adopted customer journey maps to help visualise what customers really do as they interact with the company's products and services. This allows them to connect the steps of the customer journey to the processes and technologies that support each step. Combining a customer journey map with the business capability maps created by Digital EA allows organisations to easily find the pain points as the new opportunities to improve the customer experience. When done correctly, business capability maps can show the connection between business processes to data and systems, and able to assist in identifying the gaps in the customer journey with ease.

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