Architecting the Rise of Composable Enterprise

July 21, 2022
Aaron Tan Dani

Architecting The Rise of Composable Enterprise

The Covid-19 pandemic has re-emphasised the importance of digital transformation. Organisations must be able to adopt innovation and applications swiftly in order to adapt the business environment changes. Gartner has introduced a different model for business innovation: the composable enterprise. Composable enterprise is a natural acceleration of the digital business to allow organisations to drive business resilience and agility.

The composable enterprise will manifest in different ways for different organisations, based on the dynamics of their business strategy and the competitive nature of the markets in which they operate. To deliver on digital transformation, an organisation needs applications that can be assembled, reassembled and extended. This will allow the organisation to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of the business. A critical first step is to define the longer-term vision for what the composable enterprise will be for the organisation.

Explore New EA Strategies to Kick Start the Journey for Composable Enterprise

Once a set of longer-term goals have been established and the current technology landscape and architecture have been assessed, the organisation can start to define the roadmap to the composable enterprise. There are a few things that needed to be considered when defining this particular roadmap in order to sustain the momentum along the way.  It is important to have a clearly defined set of business outcomes relate to the strategic goals and mission of the organisation as well as a plan for modernising the existing application state that are much more adaptable to business change. Composable enterprise roadmap also requires a target architecture that can provide the foundational elements for the composable enterprise. With these essential elements, the journey to composable enterprise will be seamless.

Build A Good EA Team to Deliver Better Business and IT Alignment

Enterprise Architects play a critical role in the entire journey. Enterprise Architects synchronise and coordinate the development of all business units' architectures to ensure that they all work together. They are the driving force behind digital transformation initiatives and the backbone of the organisation's digital business plans.

Enterprise Architects must have the knowledge and abilities to be relevant in the age of digital and business transformation in order for the composable enterprise journey to be successful. They must be able to describe an IT project as a business solution rather than a showcase of cutting-edge technology. They must be able to perceive things from several perspectives and recognise the consequences for the client, the company, and all of its divisions. Enterprise Architects must be able to support future innovative plan while remaining pragmatic enough to complete day-to-day chores. These are important requirements, which is why Enterprise Architects are in high demand. Ultimately, Enterprise Architects will be your competitive advantage and we can help you to set your digital transformation course.

The Digital Leadership Role in Building Business Innovation Model

Management must fully support digital transformation activities and in order to achieve successful digital transformation, executives must have a broad view of the business and industry. The head of the core digital EA team should be well-versed with the organisation’s operations and stakeholders. They should also be well-versed in new-age technologies and capable of people management. This skill is essential to persuade board members, manage people and cultural change and align the digital transformation concepts to the entire organisation in becoming composable enterprise.

Join SCS Enterprise Architecture (EA) Chapter and Hong Kong Computer Society EA Specialist Group (EASG) EA Virtual Symposium 2022: Architecting the Rise of Composable Enterprise this 24th May 2022. The virtual Symposium will focus on the use of EA strategies to kick-start the journey for composable enterprise.

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