Architecting a Winning Digital Transformation Strategy

Many corporate leaders realise the value of digital transformation to their business. When they can do the right thing, their businesses can be more effective, more competitive and possibly better equipped to offer new goods and services to consumers and partners across multiple channels. Most digital initiatives failed due to unclear strategy and no digital architecture roadmap to realise the technology vision, thus, resulting in pitfalls during the transformation journey.

Organisations need to establish the vision and the objective of the transformation. This will allow corporate leaders to determine the next steps of the digital strategy and help to discern the results. Define the KPIs so the organisations can measure the effectiveness of the strategy once implemented. Increasing digital competency across the organisation can be one of the short-term objectives or reducing turnaround time from delivery to order is the long-term.

Technology focus through Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture provides the tools and the approaches to manage the complexity of digital transformation. The most important function that drives digital transformation needs to involve the Digital EA in the design and implementation of digital strategy and organisation, process and policies and the creation of a digital organisations. Organisations must appreciate the technology focus and the benefits from digital EA initiatives.

Figure 1: Digital EA in Architecting a Winning Digital Transformation

As shown in Figure 1, in driving a successful digital transformation, digital strategy will provide the outcome statement about organisation’s digital positioning in terms of goals, capability and drivers in the context of the technology adoption. Digital EA will map the connected business, data, application and technology in order to support the digital transformation. This will allow the organisation to undergo the continuous transformation of the existing business through technology innovations and exploitations.

Architecting digital transformation strategy with EA can force change differently on the business. With a more visible, collaborative approach to planning the digital change, the chances of surpassing the 70% failure rate and accomplishing the digital transition goals will increase.

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