SCS EA Workshop: Aligning Business Technology Adoption to the Sustainability Programme Goals

SCS Resource Centre
9am to 5pm

Sustainability impacts every aspect of an enterprise’s activities from strategic to operational decisions. Business Technology leaders may find it challenging to identify a framework or model to kick-start their Sustainability program and align their business technology adoption to it. This is often due to the industry's lack of guidance and ambiguity on this subject. Fortunately, the fundamentals of any Business Technology adoption and engagement are clearly defined in the Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice which will help an organisation to reflect and discover the motivation to embark on the sustainability journey.

This workshop will be delivered in two parts:

  1. Firstly, the approach to identifying the ESG Motivation and Goals and having it aligned to the Business Technology adoption landscape;
  2. Secondly a practical approach to capturing and modelling the Motivation of key stakeholders, developing vision and strategy to achieve the goals, identifying capabilities required and the project initiatives to be fulfilled to realise the ESG.

This workshop will cover the following topics:
• Organisational Sustainability Programme in a Nutshell
• Learning from a Failed Sustainability Project
• Business Technology Alignment to the Sustainability Program
• Identifying and Capturing Organisation Sustainability Goals

• Modelling the Sustainability Program Motivation and Business Technology Alignment.

Bio of Speakers

Aaron Tan Dani
Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific / President of EA-Chapter,
Singapore Computer Society / Chief Architect of ATD Solution

Aaron has a strong passion in the area of IT, Digital and Enterprise Architecture related fields and he firmly believes that only with the proper architecture practices that maximum of technology investment can be realized by the business. With this keen passion and selfless contribution, he has been actively involved in various professional and industry bodies across Asia Pacific to share and contribute his vast experiences through various voluntary engagement channels to uplift the architecture practices through Digital Enterprise Architecture adoption.

Morgan Rasan
Senior Business Architect
ATD Solution

Morgan has more than 28 years of consulting experience with various government and commercial sector customers. With his unique knowledge of Enterprise Content Management, Knowledge Management (KM) and Business Process and numerous years of working with end users from various industries and organisations, Morgan brings to the customers his years of operational business experience and cutting-edge methodologies that have been refined over the years of practice.