NTUC Centre
2.00pm – 4.00pm

nterprise Transformation impacts every aspect of an organisation’s activities from strategic to operational decisions. Business Technology leaders may find it a challenge to identify a framework for aligning their business technology adoption to the transformation processes. Using Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a practice will help an organisation to reflect and discover the motivation to embark on the transformation journey.

Calling for business leaders who want to transform the business process, redesign jobs for workers and uplift productivity! Join us at this seminar to explore business technology strategy for enterprise transformation, as well as to learn about the NTUC CTC Grant that supports entities to implement transformation plans that would lead to a better workforce and business outcome

Learning Points

• Enterprise transformation in a nutshell

• Business Technology alignment to enterprise transformation

• Identifying and capturing key motivational goals for businesses

Target Audience

• Middle Management to Senior Management (i.e. CTO, CIO, Vice Presidents, Directors, Head of EA / IT / Transformation)

• Enterprise Architects (i.e. Software, Infrastructure, Business and Information)

• Professionals involving in IT, Governance, Strategy and Transformation Projects