TOGAF® 9 Foundation and Certified (Combined Level 1 and 2)

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Level: Enterprise Architecture Organisation Skills
Duration: 4 Days
Prerequisites: None.
Certification: The Open Group TOGAF ®9 Foundation &Certified (Level 1 +2).

Assessment: The examination is available at The Open Group Examination Providers test centers. The exam voucher (part of the course fee) will be provided after the course to take the exam at a test center. This is a combined TOGAF 9 Part 1 and Part 2 examination for candidates who want to achieve the TOGAF 9 Certified certification (Level 2) directly in a Single examination. It consists of two sections, with pass marks as per the 1OGAF 9 Part 1 and Part 2 examinations. Each section must be passed in order to obtain an overall pass mark. If the participant fails either the Part1 or Part 2 section of the combined examination then no certification is awarded, however, the participant only need to retake the examination(s) corresponding to the failed section(s).

Exam Info

TOGAF® 9 Part 1 Exam
This exam comprises 40 questions in a simple multiple-choice format, covering the Level 1 learning outcomes (see the Conformance Requirements for detail). Each correct answer scores a single point. The pass mark is 55% (22 or more questions out of a maximum of 40).

TOGAF® 9 Part 2 Exam
This exam comprises 8 complex scenario questions, With gradient scoring. This exam is open book and covers the complete Level 2 learning outcomes. I he correct answer scores 5 points, the second-best answer 3 points, the third-best answer1 point. The distracter scores zero points. The pass mark is 60% (24 or more points Out or a maximum of 40).

The Open Group TOGAF® 9 course furnishes the participants with a practical and proven methods, building blocks and resources that facilitate the design and development of EA across four domains: Business, Data, Application and lechnology. It offers the means of uniting different methodologies in business planning, Enterprise Architecture and project management under one common framework.

Course Overview

The Open Group TOGAF® standard, Version 9.2 is the global industry standard Enterprise Architecture framework utilized by the world’s leading organizations to improve efficiency. TOGAF® certification is the most widely-recognized certification in the Enterprise Architecture sphere, a distinct credential that makes a difference on any CV. Consider the following:

  • According to Certification Magazine, TOGAF-certified architects earn 22% more than non-certified ones.
  • According to LinkedIn research, 26% of Enterprise Architects are TOGAF-certified.
  • According to The Open Group, 50 thousand professionals today are TOGAF-certified.


This course furnishes the participants with a variety of tools, building blocks and resources that facilitate the design and process of Enterprise Architecture across four domains: Business, Data, Application and Technology. It offers the means of uniting different methodologies in business planning, Enterprise Architecture and project management under one common framework.

Training Benefits

  1. To understand and apply TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (ADM) phases in the development of an Enterprise Architecture journey.
  2. To understand the importance of the role of IT Architecture Governance in the context of an Enterprise Architecture, and how that can help in tracking business metrics.
  3. To understand the Architecture Building Block (ABB) and how the Solution Building Block (SBB) can be implemented and mapped according to the ABB.
  4. To analyse the IT stakeholders and how to apply the appropriate Stakeholder Management Technique to ensure in getting the buy-in and support.
  5. To apply TOGAF® Technical Reference Model and customize it to meet an organisation’s needs.
  6. To adapt and incorporate IT Security and Cloud/SOA into the TOGAF® framework.
  7. To understand how to fit the technology/platform solutions into the TOGAF® framework.

Student Endorsements

Danny Lai
Engineer, Quintiq SDN BHD Malaysia
-Sept 2021

“I decided to go ahead for the exam as I can't see the possibility of having in person exam. I had finally passed my exam following your exam tips. Without your guidance, I don't think I am able to make it.”

Danny Lai
Engineer, Enterprise Solution Architect, Ooreedoo Myanmar
-May 2021

“I passed the Togaf 9.2 certification. I would like to say "Thank you" for all the materials/class you supported. I would recommend that the ATD solution was the main driver for it.”

Saurabh Singh Parihar
Solution Architect, T-Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd
- KL 19-22 March 2018

“Hello, I would like to share with you that I’ve cleared the Togaf part 1 and 2 exam and become Certified. Thank you so much for your training, knowledge sharing and wisdom on TOGAF. It was very helpful.”

Jimmy Lew
Product Development Manager, FCS Computer Systems Sdn Bhd
- KL 17-20 April 2017

“I passed! finally~ I managed to score 30/40, which result in 75%. Again, I want to express my thankfulness to your guidance and your help throughout the entire course.Thank you sir! Hope to see you again next time for my ArchiMate.”

Barry Short
Dell EMC Job,Senior Systems Enginneer, Global Accounts
- HK Dec 2017

“I passed the TOGAF exams yesterday and just wanted to say thanks for your exam coaching during the course you delivered in Hong Kong in December. It was very helpful – especially for Part 2. Also, since the TOGAF content is extremely dry and the handbook is without many real-world examples, your insights and experience were invaluable in bringing the content to life.”

Mok Lai Him
Enterprise Architect, BASF South East Asia Pte Ltd
– SG 18-21 May 2015

“Generally positive and reinforced what I’ve learned in my company as an Enterprise Architect.”

Ivan Surjadi
Enterprise Architect, BASF South East Asia Pte Ltd
– SG 18-21 May 2015

“As an Enterprise Architect, I find this training offers a great concept which can be applied to my daily work in EA.”

Joseph D.C. Kaufista
Head of Services & Sales of Synchronoss Technologies Philippines
– KL 2015.4.20-23

“Training is very good in areas of expertise, materials and logistics. I’m able to understand the different approaches to managing phases of architecture and requirements.”

Andrew Coates
Project Management Professional (PMP) of Hong Kong Jockey Club
– HK 2014.2.25-28

“Good course. Fast paced, covered a lot of ground in 4 days. My focus is on project/ programme management. This will help me work more effectively with enterprise architects, and understand better how to align between project/programme objectives and E.A. objectives.”

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