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Duration: 3 hours lecture + 30 mins Q&A

Date: 24 Oct 2015 (Sat)

Time: 2pm – 5:30pm (GMT+8 KL, SG, HK, BJ)

Introductory Course Fee: US$49 (usual US$215)

Course Overview

This online course is a primer of the one-day physical classroom course Delivering Business Values in Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF® 9.1. This online course materials are directly derived from TOGAF® 9 course syllabus.

To fit the format & time constraints of an online class, some course materials covered in the one-day physical classroom experience have been omitted. Also, the depth of coverage for concepts may not always be the same as that of the classroom experience.

However, students are getting a 70% primer of the one-day classroom course. It is a great all-round introduction to the concepts required for the TOGAF® 9.1 certification.

Completion for this online course do not confer credit towards any TOGAF® certification, nor will attendees be adequately prepared for the TOGAF® certification exam.
A PDF course completion certificate would be given to those requiring it. Classes are conducted in English.

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Funding Availability

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Training Benefits

  • Manage information-related resources including storage, retrieval, delivery, classification and utilization of information to maximize shareholder values and support technology strategies.
  • Develop technical solutions that conform to both customer requirements and information development standards.
  • Design, build and manage information landscape that would dovetail with business objectives.
  • Develop, out of information and database components and their relationships, information taxonomical and ontological schemas in the context of technology software and infrastructure.
  • Artfully and scientifically shape information products, services and experiences to support reusability and retrievability of data within the enterprise.
  • Deliver business impacts and values centring on storage, retrieval, usage, presentation and design of information.
  • Perform Data Modelling, Practical Techniques and Application, and Data Profiling Techniques.

Who Should Enrol?

For 23% the price of the one-day classroom master class, you get more than 70% of the instruction. This is a fantastic primer which can help you decide if getting certified as a business architect is the path for you.

Familiarity with the Business Technology Strategy (BTS) material would be a great help should you sign up for the four-day classroom course and attempt the certification exam.

If you are a senior business director, C-level executive, or board-level member, this online course is ideal for you. You would probably be less interested in getting certified, but more interested in the core frameworks that enable you to be more effective in working together with or managing IT. This course gives you that in the least time and hassle.

  • You will gain insights into applying business technology strategy for a successful enterprise architecture implementation.
  • Appreciate the critical role technology plays in the development of business capabilities, in order for the organization to stay ahead of its competitors.
  • Using frameworks to close out any potential misalignment between technology & business strategies, so that technology can support business goals.
  • Connect and integrate both business & technology strategic planning in order to maximise the value that Enterprise Architecture brings to organisations.

Why You Should Attend

For 23% the price of the one-day classroom master class, you get more than 70% of the instruction. This is a fantastic primer which can help you decide if getting certified as a business architect is the path for you.

  • You will gain insights on how you can use the EA TOGAF® 9.1 framework to deliver business value to organisations.
  • Appreciate how to build business capabilities through enterprise IT investments, delivering strong ROI justification.
  • Provide strategic context for the constantly-changing needs of the business environment using The Open Group Standard TOGAF® 9.1, a proven EA methodology and framework.

Topics Covered:

  • TOGAF® 9.1 Management Overview.
  • ADM Phase: Preliminary.
  • Business Scenarios.
  • Stakeholder Management.
  • ADM Phase A: Architecture Vision.
  • ADM Phase B: Business Architecture.
  • ADM Phase C: Information Systems Architecture Overview.
  • ADM Phase D: Technology Architecture.
  • ADM Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions.
  • ADM Phase F: Migration Planning.
  • ADM Phase G: Implementation Governance.
  • ADM Phase H: Architecture Change Management.
  • Architecture Requirement Management.

We may not be able to answer all questions from students during this session. However, we will survey the questions asked, and answer the more popular ones.
Course ends after this.

In-House Classes:

For companies and individuals with in-house training needs with certification, we can organize classroom training sessions with customized dates & venues. Our instructors teach in English, but with the assistance of qualified translators, the training can be done in most languages. Please email to get started.

Who Should Attend

If you have ever wondered how it is like to attempt the TOGAF® 9.1 certification, wonder no more. Here is your chance to experience the training and material, to see if it is right for you, before you embark on the path of certification.

Middle to senior management, board members who have responsibilities within Transformation Offices, Project Management Offices, Change Management Initiatives, would find this course very useful in understanding basic TOGAF® concepts.

Currently-practising IT Architects of all types (i.e. Software, Solution, Infrastructure, Business and Information) who may want a refresher in the basics. Even if you’re certified, this basics course would be a great review.

Master Class – Mastering Information Architecture

If you are unconcerned with attaining certification, and would rather just be familiarised with Information Architecture in day-to-day functions, ATD Solution offers a 1-day Master Class in a classroom setting—it is a high-impact, power-learning introduction to (or refresher of) key Information Architecture concepts.

Master Classes and Online primers are not regularly scheduled training options. Please check the detailed course pages for schedules, or use the notification form above to turn on auto-notification of classes.

Note: This 1-day class is not an adequate preparation for passing the certification exam.

Instructor Profile




Aaron Tan Dani

Chief Enterprise Architect, ATD Solution

Aaron literally “wrote the book” on enterprise architecture certifications. He is one of the most senior trainers in Asia Pacific, with domain knowledge and wealth of implementation experience that is peerless. Aaron is a principal of ATD Solution.It is extremely fortunate that Aaron had agreed to teach this online course.

Aaron is one of the leading figures in the Enterprise Architecture world:

  • Founder and the Chairman of International Association of Software Architects (IASA) Asia Pacific since 2004.
  • As an industry thought leader in the IT Architecture arena, Aaron is a frequent public speaker, speaking with passion and charisma, consistently ranking in the top 10% in speaker ratings in most international IT events.
  • Co-Author of the IASA IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK). He was part of the core team to define the world’s first 256 IT Architect’s skill set in 2004 in the Seattle, WA, USA.
  • Author of 2 popular training courses which are part of the IASA Official Curriculum i.e. 2-Days on Business Requirement Architecture and 3-days on Architecture Software with Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • Co-author of IASA IT Architect Certification training courses i.e. the 3-Days IT Architecture Bootcamp and the 5-Days IT Architecture Core. Both courses lead to global professional certifications for IT Architects.
  • Since December 2009, actively delivering these courses in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and Indonesia, with roadmap to deliver this program across the rest of the Asia Pacific region.
  • Accredited Trainer for TOGAF® 9.1
  • IASA Accredited Trainer in the field of IT Architecture.


ATD Solution is the leading business IT architecture firm in Asia Pacific, dedicated to changing the way companies in the region use and adopt IT through our specialised services. To date, over 3,000 students have graduated from our various certification and non-certification programmes, spanning the entire Asia-Pacific.

  • Sole authorised provider and distributor of all IASA IT Architecture training & certification programs in Asia Pacific. Our professional coaches and consultants are all IASA certified with world’s best practises.
  • Official Accredited TOGAF® Training Course & Certification provider.
  • Authorized Open Group ArchiMate® training and certification provider.
  • Official Accredited Training Organization & Certification provider for Cobit®5 licensed under APMG International.
  • Strategic partnership with Gartner, reaping the benefits of the Gartner Advisory, quality assurance, and deliverables reviewed by Gartner.


We will use Go-To-Training as the training platform, which is a downloadable free app for your Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms.

We will email you the invitation link three days before the course starts. The links will be sent to each attendee’s email address.

You will need to ensure that your internet access speed is adequate for a good online webinar experience. Typical broadband access speeds are fine. We do not encourage you to access the instruction from mobile data connection, as connections may be unreliable and charges prohibitive.


Registration confirmation is upon payment.

There are two ways to pay: Online payment through PayPal, or normal invoicing.If you are signing up as an individual, we strongly encourage you to pay through PayPal.

If you are an organization signing up on behalf of a group of attendees, you have the option of using normal invoicing method through our finance department. Bank transfer would be our preferred method of accepting payment in this case.

We will absorb all relevant taxes (such as GST) and surcharges. The US$49 you pay for each attendee will be the final amount.

For online payment, PayPal will issue you a PayPal receipt. Should you need an invoice and receipt from ATD Solution for claims purposes, please let us know in the registration forms so we can send it to you via email accordingly. For invoice payment, ATD will issue a normal invoice and receipt.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and Refund

You get full refund if you cancel your order three working days before the course starts. After that, we would not be able to entertain any refunds. You will be charged the full course price even if you don’t log-in to attend the course.

In the event that, due to connectivity or IT issues, we aren’t able to conduct the course, we will give you a choice of a full refund, or to select another course date at no additional charges.

ATD reserves the right to cancel this online course three working days before the course starts. In case of such cancellation, you will be refunded the full amount either through PayPal (credit card), or bank transfer.

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