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IASA Digital Enterprise Architecture Seminar Malaysia 2017

IASA Digital Enterprise Architecture Seminar Malaysia 2017

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2017/09/08 09:00:00

Join The IASA Digital Enterprise Architecture Seminar

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An Association for All IT Architects
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Driving Digital Business Transformation in Malaysia

Digital business transformation is being driven by a powerful wave of disruptive technologies (including social, mobile, analytics, cloud, wearables, intelligent automation, robotics, and the IoT). This transformation needs to be successful in order to create new opportunities for growth, performance and competitive advantage. The fundamental structure of an organisation’s business, information systems and technology for delivering a business-driven approach will change the way we manage the digital business. To reduce the complexity associated with digital business transformation, the EA team can play a central role in oversees the entire systems architecture, including business processes and IT infrastructure.

The EA team can help to establish new rules and processes around technology usage to ensure consistency across business units and functions. As such, this will assist the CEOs, CIOs, CDOs and other senior leadership foster a clear further development and focus of new business approaches. It will also avoid some of the pitfalls cited earlier and compete more effectively through Enterprise Architecture.

In this half day seminar, we are honoured to invite Mr Paul Preiss, CEO of Iasa Global, as the Keynote Speaker to share on the EA best practices and some case studies on how organisations formulate digital strategies and overcome new challenges for the Digital Business Transformation.



Paul Preiss

Iasa Global

IASA Digital Enterprise Architecture Seminar Agenda

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Event Details

Date: Thursday, 07 September 2017    Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Venue: ATD Solution (Malaysia Office)

No. 51-11, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City

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