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Digital transformation challenges firms: survey

In financial services, digital transformation is a must if firms want to meet evolving customer expectations and gain market share. Yet financial professionals say they’re underwhelmed by progress on digital transformation, finds a survey by Broadridge Financial Solutions. Fewer than one in five survey respondents (17%) gave their firms top marks—a letter grade of A—for

Digital growth depends more on business models than technology

By Mark W. Johnson Every successful company, whether it knows it or not, owes its success to its business model. I explained this in an article that was published in Harvard Business Review in 2008 and, now, 10 years later, that still holds true, as more and more of the business discourse is focused on digital transformation.

Software architecture in 2019

Software is increasingly becoming more complex, and dealing with the changes happening in the software industry every day is something all developers, especially software architects, need to pay attention to. While software architecture isn’t anything new – the speed of mobile undoubtedly has put critical elements of creating software outside of the main focus for

Digital Transformation – Simplify The Maze

The ubiquitous proliferation of technology in recent years has multiplied the momentum and the potential of Digital Transformation   Digital Transformation, one of the latest buzzwords in circulation for quite some time has seen the interest, crescendo, use (and abuse) all move Northwards steeply in last year or two. Numerous articles across publications (online as

The Importance of Today’s Digital Practitioner

The premise is simple. With the digitalisation of businesses, more and more information is now instantaneously available on the consumption habits of consumers. Companies who are able to record this data and act upon it – responding quickly to their customers’ buying habits – will thrive in a world where purchases are now made in

Must-Have Critical Project Assurance Metrics for Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders report that they are weak at measurement. This research exposes simple project assurance metrics that can support predicting the impact of more advanced measurements.   Key Challenges ■ Some enterprise architecture (EA) programs have mistakenly believed that 100% compliance is a goal, damaging support for actionable EA advice. ■

6 Tips To Frame Your Digital Transformation With Enterprise Architecture

On one hand, digital transformation is a wild beast, changing daily how we view business and the world we live in. To survive in the world of digital transformation is to be agile and open to uncertainty. It’s to thrive in chaos—and many companies have had trouble withstanding the storm. Perhaps that’s why—on the other

Two workshops on offer at ITWeb Governance, Risk & Compliance 2019

ITWeb Governance, Risk & Compliance 2019 will be holding two workshops: ‘Governance frameworks and implementation’, and ‘Data governance: guaranteeing reliable data that is well protected’, aimed at helping delegates protect their most valuable information assets through good governance. Themed: ‘Effective IT governance in the interconnected business world’, the conference will be held at The Forum,

5 top digital transformation trends for 2019

“Everyone seems to be doing it, from every government agency, to the corner dairy,” a CIO recently commented on the state of digital transformation across sectors today. True, the term ‘digital transformation” is often used in relation to “IT transformation” or “business transformation” but even though they are closely related, the terms are distinctly different, notes

How TOGAF Improves Your Business Growth?

Firstly, TOGAF can unlock wonders in your business. It helps in displaying a clear picture of the business architecture. Also, it helps businesses with their goals by creating, refined and accurate development goals. It helps you to understand the way to perform the work and where exactly you require more attention. You’ll also find-out that

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Architecting Digital Transformation

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