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BITAS Asia Conference 2018

Business IT Architecture Series (BITAS) Conference, is IASA – An Association for all IT Architects, annual regional conference in Asia. The Malaysia conference is co-organized by Iasa Malaysia Chapter.

How can CXOs drive digital transformation success? 90% say retraining is the key

Established companies are finally becoming more digitally mature, but that maturity also brings gaps in leadership and skills, according to a Tuesday study from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital.

Customer Experience (CX) – the biggest driver of Digital Transformation

Today’s marketers are placing the ‘customer’ at the front and center of all its processes as key to sustaining and growing the brand and business.Customers are more demanding than before.

Video: Digital Strategy and Customer Success

We catch up with Lex De Visser from Microsoft on customer management, digital transformation in the manufacturing and agriculture spaces. Great content related to handling customer success and customer journeys while better understanding your business.

Did I became an successful Solution Architect by earning the CITA Associate Certification?

Participating the CITA-A course with the Solutions Architect specialization, was clearly an comprehensive experience. On top of that, the exam based on the course and all its pages of study material, was another comprehensive piece to master.

Best Enterprise Architect Certifications

Enterprise IT architect certifications appear most often at the apex of certification programs, where less than 1 percent of IT pros ultimately ascend.

The CIO’s Approach to Business Strategy

CIOs must position information and technology at the heart of the overall business strategy.The CIO of a large renewable energy producer does not create an “IT strategy.” Instead, he contributes to the overall business strategy of the organization. But getting to this point was a considerable journey.

Architects Are Key To CIO Success In Digital Strategy

It seems the CIO is getting popular again in executive circles. I have predicted this for many years as digital society forces technologists out into the lime-light and as business, government, and society run more and more on technology over antiquated business patterns

Four key challenges to digital transformation projects

The World Economic Forum calculates that digitisation could deliver $100 trillion in value to global businesses across the next decade. However, not every business will succeed in gaining a share of this due to failing to overcome impediments.

IDC reveals secrets of success and top KPIs in digital transformation

A major new global study from IDC reveals both the main drivers of digital transformation as well as the biggest barriers to it.

ATD Solutions

Architecting Digital Transformation

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