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Ian Goh

Ian Goh

Ian Goh

Ian Goh
Training Consultant, ATD Learning


With more than two decades in the IT industry, Ian’s career spans multiple industries including Finance, Logistics, and Telecommunications both as a vendor and end user.  He has held roles in multiple parts of the IT delivery value chain including operations, project and program management, systems integration and more recently IT strategy and architecture.  He has experience in various IT domains including CRM, Business Intelligence and SOA.

Ian’s current interest is in the impact of the digital economy on IT.  Given the need for agility within IT and the availability of Infrastructure, Platform and Software as near commodity services through cloud service providers, the lines between IT and business are blurring.  Thus requiring IT individuals to have a broader understanding of organizational dynamics and the need to embrace new approaches to IT management such as bimodal IT, DevOps and Lean.  Ian is passionate about helping IT professionals in redefining their role within this context.

Ian holds a Masters degree in Electronics Engineering and a Bachelors degree in Information and Electronics Engineering from Curtin University, Western Australia.  He also holds professional certifications from ITIL, TMForum and IASA.

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