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Dr. Adrian Yeow

Dr. Adrian Yeow

Dr. Adrian Yeow
Dr. Adrian Yeow
SIM University


Adrian Yeow has a Ph.D. from the R.H. School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park. His dissertation is an ethnographic study of the development and implementation of electronic medical record systems within hospitals. Adrian’s research interest is focused on strategic innovations in IT and healthcare IT. Adrian has worked extensively in understanding the implementation of Enterprise Systems and its role in organizational changes. He has also studied how clinical and business processes in different outpatient clinics evolved and transformed after the implementation of a new integrated Electronic Medical Records system.

His works have been published or forthcoming in MIS Quarterly, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Information & Organization, and Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal as well as in the proceedings of top refereed conferences such as International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS), IFIP 8.2, INFORMS and Academy of Management.

Prior to entering academia, Adrian was a Product and Business Development Manager for various major Singapore telecommunications and Internet companies. He was a faculty at Nanyang Business School, NTU and is currently a Senior Lecturer at UniSIM College, SIM University where he lectures on Digital Marketing and Accounting Information Systems.

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