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Alecia Heng

Alecia Heng

Alecia Heng
Business Architect, ATD Learning Co-Founder & President, Gorgeous Geeks


A Business Architect by profession, Alecia Heng stands out with her 15 years of experience in business architecture, including Strategic Enterprise Management, Business Values of IT, BPR, Knowledge Management, e-Business Initiatives & Strategic Consultancy for the industry sectors of education, manufacturing, logistics and FSI.

One thing Alecia is particularly passionate about is the role of women in technology. To drive this forward, she co-founded Gorgeous Geeks, a non-profit special interest group (SIG) for women in technology under IASA whereby she is currently the president. With her experience, Alecia provides mentorship and support for women in IT as well as inspire others to use technology as part of their lifestyles where she shares her experience and knowledge in IT and business conferences across the region. She has also been recognised for her “Outstanding Career Achievements and Contribution to Society in the Technology Sector” by the Malaysian Women’s Weekly Great Women of Our Time Award 2008.

Alecia holds a Master of Technology from the National University of Singapore, Postgraduate Degree in Information System from Curtin University, Australia and a Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences from the University of Western Australia double majors in Business and IT. In addition, she also holds professional certifications i.e. NCA, NCE, MCSE, MCP and MCT.

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