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Enterprise Architecture Leadership 2019

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Business IT Architecture Series (BITAS) Asia Conference 2019 x Cyber Attack

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C-Level Breakfast Discussion: Architecting Artificial Intelligence for Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving digital transformation and creating new opportunities in the business. Adopting AI requires a combination of data, technology, infrastructure, talent and vision. And at times it can get complex. To become a true AI-fueled organization, a company may need to fundamentally rethink the way humans and technologies interact within working environments.

THOUGHT Leadership in Enterprise Innovation Strategies

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Digital EA Agility with Enterprise Architecture Synopsis The current Digital landscape has open up new markets and business models. Traditional companies now have to compete for market share with these new businesses. One tried and tested form to such challenges is Digital Enterprise Agility where the business or organisation can respond rapidly to change by

EA Business-Value Metrics You Must Have Today

Enterprise architecture (EA) metrics are used as part of an EA governance model to measure the effectiveness and drive the continuous improvement of the organization’s EA program (see “Rethink EA Governance, Assurance and Review Boards in the Digital Business Era”). In reviewing the recent Gartner “ITScore for Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation” responses, we found

Reviews for Enterprise Architecture (EA) Tools

What are Enterprise Architecture Tools? Enterprise architecture (EA) tools are software applications designed to support enterprise architects and other business and IT stakeholders with strategically driven planning, analysis, design and execution. EA tools support strategic and tactical decision making by capturing and connecting context and information across business, information, solution and technology domains, along with

Customer Journey & Digital Competency Workshop

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How the TOGAF Standard Serves Enterprise Architecture

Trying to document all the complexity of large enterprise systems can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to begin. Additionally, developing enterprise architectures that meet the strategies of the business, while still carrying good architecture qualities, can be challenging. The guidance and structure provided by TOGAF can help. It is a tried-and-tested framework that

[VIDEO]:Digital Strategy and Customer Success

We catch up with Lex De Visser from Microsoft on customer management, digital transformation in the manufacturing and agriculture spaces. Great content related to handling customer success and customer journeys while better understanding your business.

ATD Solutions

Architecting Digital Transformation

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