IASA Malaysia Expands To The Northern Region
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IASA Malaysia Expands To The Northern Region

IASA Malaysia Expands To The Northern Region


IASA Malaysia northern region
IASA Malaysia, an association focused on defining and supporting the professional duties of IT architects, has taken a significant step forward in growth and expansion, establishing its first chapter in the northern region of Malaysia.

The new chapter, based in Penang, is expected to start operations next month.

“There are many IT professionals in the northern region, especially those working in multinational companies based in the industrial zones. We want to help them grow in experience and skill in IT architecture, and to raise their professional standards,” said IASA Malaysia president Teh Tiong Keen.

The new chapter already has its own chapter leader and leadership team, and will soon start its monthly chapter meetings with new members.

“A new set-up and members will always bring energy and perspective to any organisation. Such growth can only serve to highlight the importance of IT architects in organisations of all sizes,” said Teh.

“We are also working with the Penang state government to develop the ICT environment there. We are in discussion to collaborate in a few joint programmes.”

IASA Malaysia is also exploring the possibilities of establishing new chapters in other states.

The Penang chapter will provide forums for peer networking; be a beacon for emerging architecture issues; advocate the views of architects for the good of the nation and industry; and promote ethical and respect for intellectual property.

In strengthening the local software business environment, IASA Malaysia is joining hands with Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC) to develop local IT architects.

“Our collaboration with MOSTI, MDeC and MNCC will provide more resources and quality training focusing on IT architecture, so that local IT architects can be equipped for their roles. We are also playing an active role in advising the industry and government for strategies and issues within the IT architecture context,” said Teh.

He said MOSTI will spearhead the government’s initiatives in developing the IT architecture profession and drive its practices in the government ICT environment.

MDeC will drive the Malaysian software industry to be equipped with skills and capabilities to attract foreign investment, and encourage Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) companies to upgrade their IT skills. MNCC, one of the oldest computer society in Malaysia, will spur the industry and professional individuals to excel in the ICT arena through strategic IT architecture.

This collaboration will strengthen the Malaysian ICT environment for software business, and put Malaysia in the global map in terms of competitiveness and quality human capital for the ICT industry.

The IASA IT Architect Symposium 2007 was a two-day event that attracted the largest gathering of software architects in Southeast Asia. The symposium featured over 30 seminars and tracks on Enterprise, Infrastructure, Software and Fundamentals, all of which were designed to help architects at different levels to improve their skills.

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