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Compete More Effectively With Enterprise Architecture

Compete More Effectively With Enterprise Architecture


New technologies and trends (think of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, robotics, wearables etc) are lowering barriers of entry and disrupting the traditional businesses, making it impossible for established companies and industries to ignore them. These new emerging technologies, have also impacted businesses that want to reap the rewards of transforming into a digital enterprise.

But, this digital transformation needs to be successful in order to create new opportunities for growth, performance and competitive advantage. The fundamental structure of an organisation’s business, information systems and technology, for delivering a business-driven approach will change the way we manage the digital business.

To reduce the complexity associated with digital business transformation, the Enterprise Architects or EA team can play a central role in overseeing the entire systems architecture, including business strategies, processes and all the way to IT infrastructure.

The EA team can also help to establish new rules and processes around technology usage, to ensure consistency across business units and functions and how they collaborate together in realizing the mission and vision of the enterprise. This in turn aids organisational leadership, in driving the whole business transformation towards achieving its goals.

ATD Solution in collaboration with IASA; a global association for all IT architects; recently organised the IASA Digital Enterprise Architecture Seminar in Kuala Lumpur.

Aaron Tan Dani, Chief Architect at ATD Solution and President of Iasa in APAC, presents about traditional versus digital EA

During this event, Aaron Tan Dani, Chief Architect at ATD Solution and President of Iasa in APAC, presented the comparison of the Traditional EA (up to 2013) in contrast with the Digital EA (since 2014) that has evolved for the full alignment with the digital context that we are in today. Aaron believes that every enterprises need to adopt this Digital EA as a culture to cushion the impact of digital disruptions and being able to do continuous transformation using Digital Enterprise Map.

CEO and founder of Iasa Global, Paul Preiss, presented “Mastering Digital Business Transformation Complexity through EA”. He shared about EA best practices and case studies of how organisations should formulate its digital strategies and overcome new challenges during their digital business transformation journey.

Paul Preiss
Conrad Langhammer

Event sponsor, Software AG’s VP of Alfabet Competence, Conrad Langhammer, later talked about, “The Role of IT Portfolio Management in Driving Value and Cost Savings in the Organisation.”

Software AG’s Alfabet solution, is a collaborative platform that aligns IT and business, and guides the organisation towards transformation.

Newly-certified trainees of CITA-F and CITA-A were later given t-shirt as souvenirs by Paul Preiss.

Certified IT Architect (CITA) for Foundation (CITA-F) and Associate (CITA-A) levels, are Iasa certifications for Professional Enterprise Architects that are based on the ITABoK (IT Architecture Body of Knowledge) skillsets that are completely vendor-independent and run only by practicing architects globally.

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