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Architecting Software with OOAD & UML

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This intensive course equips participants with an understanding in software architecture fundamentals. It provides end-to-end real-life business scenarios to expose participants to seven highly practical modelling techniques and approaches in architecting software based on the 14 UML notations. Also, participants will be guided through a series of workshops on each software development stage to ensure an end-to-end traceability within its life cycle. Comprises of 25% class presentations and 75% hands-on sessions.

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Anyone who involved in the software development lifecycle u2013 from gathering user requirement, system design, software development, implementation to testing.rn1. IT/Project Managersrn2. Business Analysts/ System Analystsrn3. Technical/Solution/Software Architectsrn4. Software Quality Assurance/Testersrn5. Software Engineersrn6. Analyst Programmersrn7. Database Administratorsrn8. Software/ Web/ Application Developers


Architecting Software based on Object Orientation Fundamental Concept of Object-Oriented Software Modeling Techniques using UML: Use Cases Modeling Modeling Activity Diagram Class Responsibility Collaboration Domain Modeling Robustness Analysis Object Interaction Modeling Structural Diagram Beware of Challenges in Architecting Software.


1. To achieve maintainable IT System by applying software development best practices.rn2. To make fully traceable and testable IT System and reduce Software errors and bugs making it a more robust system.rn3. To enhance productivity and quality of the software by promoting Reusable Practices by Component Library sharing and Design Patterns Best Practices.rn4. To simplify the software development process by leveraging on the shared common components.rn5. To understand the fundamentals of OOADu2019s concepts and applications and applying the principal of architecting software correctly.rn6. To identify the Object Oriented challenges and the context where OOAD can be applied appropriately to achieve successful software project delivery.

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