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For companies and individuals with in-house needs for training with certification, we can organize in-house classroom training sessions. Our instructors teach in English, but with the assistance of qualified translators, the training can be done in most languages. All certifications training courses and Master Classes can be packaged as corporate training. The venue can either be at ATD training premises, or at the client’s premise.

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On Pricing

Due to the bespoke nature of corporate training, please contact us for a pricing quote. Generally, we can use the price guides of open classes as a starting point. As different markets have different business costs, the same training course may be priced differently for different training locations and for different delivery conditions. If you wish to take advantage of a lower-priced location for your corporate training, you can consider pooling all participants to a particular city where the training would be conducted.

Tailoring Course Materials

For clients who may not be concerned with certification, ATD Learning offers the 1-Day Master Classes. This is especially suitable for senior corporate customers.

As our training material are all derived from our Principals such as Iasa and The Open Group, the frameworks and Body of Knowleges tend to be fixed. So we generally don’t advice cherry-picking parts of the material tailored for organizations. There is a real risk students don’t get enough grounding of basic concepts as the Principals intended. For this reason, we do not tailor our course materials for specific corporate needs.

Over the course of an extended training engagement however, we are more than willing to tailor a specific selection of courses to a particular organization, for different levels and functions of the talents.

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