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Duration: 3 Days

Prerequisites: None

Certification: COBIT®5 Foundation Certified

Assessment: A closed book exam of 50 multiple-choice questions in 40 minutes. The passing grade is 50%.

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Course Overview

It is both fashionable and desirable for a professional in the field of IT security or enterprise governance to be intimately familiar with Enterprise Governance with COBIT® 5, a comprehensive framework for governance and management of IT assets by Iasca, utilising globally accepted principles, analytical tools, models and practices.

Participants will learn to use COBIT® 5 to support governance of IT by defining and aligning business goals with IT processes and goals. This way, by a balancing act between the realisation of benefits, exposure to risks and usage of resources, the true optimal business values of IT can be obtained.

The COBIT® 5 enterprise governance framework allows IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner across the enterprise, spanning the full end-to-end business and IT functional areas of responsibility and taking into account the IT-related interests of internal and external stakeholders.

In addition to this COBIT® 5 Foundation course, ATD Solution offers two higher levels of COBIT® 5 training:

  • Assessor level: This training covers the utilisation of COBIT® 5 Process Assessment Model to assess an enterprise’s process capabilities. The COBIT® 5 Assessor Certified certification is awarded upon passing the COBIT® 5 Assessor exam.
  • Implementation level: This training covers the implementation of COBIT® 5 to address business challenges, pain points, trigger events and risk scenarios. The COBIT® 5 Implementation Certified certification is awarded upon passing the COBIT® 5 Implementation exam.

Funding Availability

Financial aids are available for COBIT® 5 training at ATD Solution from the following agencies/organizations:
Singapore – CITREP+:
Eligibility: Must be a Singapore citizen. Covers up to 70% of exam fees only, up to a maximum of S$500. Click here for details.

Malaysia – MyProCert:
Eligibility: Must be a Malaysian citizen. This programme covers up to 70% of training cost. Click here for details.

Malaysia – 1MalaysiaGRIP
Eligibility: Must be a Malaysian citizen and gainfully employed by a company registered in Malaysia. Click here for details.
Note: More funding options are in the work. Stay tuned, or connect with us now for the timeliest update.

Student Endorsements

“Very good. I learned how to implement governance.”

Wan Azlie
Administrator (KL 2015.11.23-25)

“Good flow and examples given are relevant. Practice exams sufficient. Benefit in many areas of IT Governance.”

Bernie Lee
Manager, UEM, Malaysia (KL 2015.11.23-25)

“Good experience. It will benefit in terms of establishing a proper and effective governance framework.”

Abdul Rahman Mohamed
VP, IT SRD, Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia (KL 2014.11.17-19)

“Overwhelming but satisfying – all aspects of the training will benefit in the context of work.”

Mohd Hana
Program Director, Getronics, Malaysia (KL 2014.11.17-19)

“A very useful training exposing facets of COBIT 5 from reading to discussions. It gives clarity on the relationships between the COBIT 5 framework and concepts.”

Dr Ariffin Marzuki bin Mokhtar
Director of Health Information (KL 2015.2.11-13)

“Great! Definitely will benefit and assist in my work.”

Anizah Nordin
IT Officer, MAMPU, Malaysia (KL 2014.11.17-19)

Training Benefits

Participants will be armed with the knowledge to:

  • Maintain high-quality information for the support of business decisions.
  • Realise strategic goals and business benefits through effective and innovative use of IT.
  • Achieve operational excellence through reliable, efficient application of technology
  • Manage IT-related risk at an acceptable level.
  • Optimise the cost of IT services and technology.
  • Assure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, contractual agreements and policies.


  • All IT/Enterprise Architects (Business, Information, Infrastructure, Software, Solution) who are involved with IT security and enterprise governance, even if your organization isn’t currently using COBIT®5—it could be up to you to advocate this superior governance framework. Typical roles: IT Governance executives, IT Auditors and Quality Assurance Professionals, Risk and Security Practitioners, Content/Service/Project Manager.
  • CIO, VP of Technology, Head of IT etc. who have a need to establish governance framework.

Topics Covered:

Introduction to COBIT® 5

  • New COBIT® 5 Framework components and new process model
  • COBIT® 5 Processes Reference Guide and new processes

COBIT® 5 Framework

  • Principles & Drivers.
  • Governance and Management.
  • Process Reference Model.
  • Implementation Guidance.
  • Process Capability Model.
  • Information & Organisational Structures Model.
  • Skills and Competencies Model.
  • Principles and Policies Model.
  • Culture, Ethics and Behaviour Model.
  • Service Capabilities Model.

COBIT® 5 Process Reference Model

  • Process identification & description.
  • Process purpose statement.
  • Goals cascade information IT-related goals.
  • Process goals and metrics.
  • RACI chart.
  • Practice title and description.
  • Practice inputs, outputs and activities.

Processes Reference Model

  • Governance processes.
  • Evaluate, Direct and Monitor.
  • Management processes.
  • Align, Plan and Organise.
  • Build, Acquire and Implement.
  • Deliver, Service and Support.
  • Monitor, Evaluate and Assure.


  • COBIT 5 Foundation Certified Examination

In-House Classes:

For companies and individuals with in-house needs for COBIT® 5 training with certification, we can organize in-house classroom training sessions. Our instructors teach in English, but with the assistance of qualified translators, the training can be done in most languages. Please email to get started.


If you are unconcerned with attaining certification, and would rather just be familiarised with COBIT® 5 in day-to-day functions, ATD Solution offers a 1-day Master Class in a classroom setting—it is a high-impact, power-learning introduction to (or refresher of) key COBIT® 5 concepts.
Master Classes and Online primers are not regularly scheduled training options. Please check the detailed course pages for schedules, or use the notification form above to turn on auto-notification of classes.
Note: This 1-day class is not an adequate preparation for passing the certification exam.

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