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Duration: 4 Days

Prerequisites: None. Note: Successful prior completion of Business IT Architecture Fundamentals (BITAF) shall greatly assist your progress in this course.

Certification: CITA-F (Certified Information Technology Architect – Foundation level) by Iasa

Assessment: Exam consisting of 75 multiple-choice questions to be proctored in the second half of the 5th day of class. The passing grade is 70%.

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26 Nov 2018 (9:00AM – 5:00PM)

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Kuala Lumpur 26 – 29 Nov 2018 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Architecture Core

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Nov 26, 2018 5:00PM

Kuala Lumpur

26 – 29 Nov 2018

9:00AM – 5:00PM


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Registration Closes: Dec 10, 2018 5:00PM
Singapore 10 – 13 Dec 2018 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Architecture Core

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10 – 13 Dec 2018

9:00AM – 5:00PM


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Course Overview

Thousands of professionals of all backgrounds take in this course every year. The materials covered are based on Iasa’s IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK). The ITABok is a public archive of IT Architecture best practices, skills and knowledge developed from the experience of individual and corporate members of Iasa, the world’s largest association of IT Architecture professionals.

From the lecture, participants learn to apply skills from the five pillars of ITABok, distinguish the concepts, principles, contexts, roles and scope of architecture, and recognize IT’s business values.

In as many as 22 action-packed classroom workshops, participants work in groups on real-world case studies and present their results for critique by the instructors and their peers; in the process learn the practical skills of setting up an Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO), selecting and prioritising IT projects, assigning resources, and creating values to stakeholders.

Funding Availability

Financial aids are available for AC training at ATD Solution from the following agencies/organizations:

Singapore – CITREP+: Eligibility: Must be a Singapore citizen. Covers up to 70% of course and exam fees, up to a maximum of S$2500. Click here for more details.

Malaysia – MyProCert: Eligibility: Must be a Malaysian citizen. This programme covers up to 60% of training cost. Click here for more details.
Malaysia – 1MalaysiaGrip: Eligibility: Must be a Malaysian citizen and gainfully employed by a company registered in Malaysia. Click here for more details.

Student Endorsements

“Trainer shared real life experiences and skills. IASA foundation knowledge shared through examples. [It would help me to] apply business value alignment and highlighting. Also to help future job movements.”

Lee Jian Hao
Sharepoint Services Engineer of T-Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd – KL 2015.8.3-7

“It was insightful and very detailed. End-to-end IT architecture stuff”

Stephen Ewe
Market Development Lead of VADS Berhad – KL 2015.8.3-7

“Very useful and fun, with full participation from the class. Foundation pillars and engagement model in IT-A workshop is very useful in relating to [my] work.”

Yasmeenyanti Baharudin
Solutions Architect of Mesiniaga Berhad – KL 2015.8.10-14

“[It is] more focussed on the skills than boot camp [ITAB], and more relevant to daily work. I have learnt how to articulate and quantify the value of IT architecture.”

Edwin Leung
Dairy Farm Company Limited – HK 2013.11.4-8

“Very good! Interesting and enjoyed my 5 days of training session. It is very related and helps to improve our way of doing.”

Zaidi Abd Ghani
Principal Researcher of Telekom Malaysia Research & Development – KL 2015.10.19-23


Training Benefits

The participant, upon passing the exam, will earn the recognition of Iasa Foundation Certified (IFC). It is the first step in the Iasa certification path—up next is the Associate level.

Become an Enterprise Architect with the knowhow to:

  • Apply ITABoK skill sets to the creation of technology strategic values for the business with tangible IT Architecture return on investment (ITA-ROI) modelling technique.
  • Apply the five core IT architecture skills from an IT Architecture perspective.
  • Select and prioritise IT Architecture projects based on business cases.
  • Create and review business cases based on tangible and intangible values.
  • Assign projects to IT Architects based on IT prioritisation techniques.
  • Create IT Architecture blueprint for both generic and specific IT Architecture based on views and viewpoints that address stakeholder’s concerns.
  • Manage IT Architecture deliverables through stakeholder’s communication technique.
  • Manage IT Architecture life cycle processes.


The road to becoming an Enterprise Architect begins with Architecture Core (AC). Current domain IT professionals (software developers, network engineers etc.) with an eye toward future management positions in IT should enrol. Non-IT professionals would take this course to work more effectively with enterprise architects.
The above include:

  • All Technology Stakeholders.
  • Transformation Office Team Members.
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Team Members.
  • Software/ Business/ Information/ Infrastructure Architects.
  • IT/ Project Managers.
  • Business Analysts/ System Analysts/Consultants.
  • Software Engineers/ Programmers.
  • Database Administrators/ Database Designers.
  • System Engineers/ Network Engineer.


Topics Covered:

IT Architecture & IT Architects

  • How IASA has identified the foundational pillars that supports IT Architecture.
  • What is the difference between IT Architecture and IT Architect?
  • What are the values of IT Architecture?
  • Workshop 1 – Presenting & justifying IT Architecture for the business.

Design Skills

  • Designing from an IT Architecture perspective.
  • Design definition and implications.
  • Design skills in detail.
  • Workshop 2 – Addressing and applying design skills.

IT Environment Skills

  • The importance of IT environment skills.
  • IT environment skills in detail.
  • Workshop 3 – Leveraging and applying IT environment skills.

Quality Attributes Skills

  • The importance of quality attributes in IT Architecture skills.
  • Quality attributes skills in detail.
  • Workshop 4 – Applying, optimizing, and presenting quality attributes trade-off analysis.

Business Technology Strategy Skills

  • Business technology strategy skills definition.
  • Business technology strategy skills in detail.
  • Workshop 5 – Developing and presenting technology strategy for the business.

Human Dynamic Skills

  • The importance of human dynamic skills.
  • Human dynamics skills in detail.
  • Workshop 6 – Mastering and applying human dynamics skills in IT.

IT Architecture Project Selection

  • IT Architect engagement model expanded.
  • IT Architecture business cases.
  • Workshop 7 – i) Reviewing business cases from an IT Architecture viewpoint ii) Creating a sound business case.
  • Workshop 8 – i) Creating values for a business case ii) Calculating and communicating values.
  • Workshop 9 – i) Calculating and communicating values for a business case ii) Prioritizing IT projects based on IT Architecture principles.
  • Workshop 10 – i) Prioritizing and selecting IT projects ii) Assigning individual roles to the IT Architecture team.
  • Workshop 11 – Creating and assigning roles to an IT Architecture team.

IT Architecture Blueprint Creation

  • Capturing and analysing requirements.
  • Workshop 12 – i) Scoping requirements & identifying constraints ii) Generic IT Architecture overview.
  • Workshop 13 – i) Creating a generic IT Architecture blueprint ii) Product specific IT Architecture overview.
  • Workshop 14 – i) Creating and analysing product-specific IT Architecture Create views and viewpoints.
  • Workshop 15 – Understanding and developing views and viewpoints of IT Architecture.

IT Architecture Delivery

  • Creating communication channels with stakeholders.
  • Workshop 16 – i) Communicating and managing stakeholders ii) Modifying and updating IT Architecture artifacts.
  • Workshop 17 – i) Modifying and updating IT Architecture artifacts based on stakeholders value input ii) Managing and delivering IT Architecture overview.
  • Workshop 18 – Managing IT Architecture delivery.

IT Architecture Management

  • Reviewing and analysing values.
  • Workshop 19 – i) Reviewing and analysing values across IT projects ii) Setting IT Architecture goals.
  • Workshop 20 – i) Setting and defining IT Architecture goals ii) Updating the IT Architecture engagement model.
  • Workshop 21 – i) Reviewing and updating the engagement model ii) Communicating technology values to stakeholders.
  • Workshop 22 – Communicating and presenting values to the stakeholders.

In-House Classes:

For companies and individuals with in-house training needs with certification, we can organize classroom training sessions with customized dates & venues. Our instructors teach in English, but with the assistance of qualified translators, the training can be done in most languages. Please email to get started.

Master Class – Mastering Information Architecture

If you are unconcerned with attaining certification, and would rather just be familiarised with Information Architecture in day-to-day functions, ATD Solution offers a 1-day Master Class in a classroom setting—it is a high-impact, power-learning introduction to (or refresher of) key Information Architecture concepts.

Master Classes and Online primers are not regularly scheduled training options. Please check the detailed course pages for schedules, or use the notification form above to turn on auto-notification of classes.

Note: This 1-day class is not an adequate preparation for passing the certification exam.


Master Class – Mastering Enterprise Architecture Skill Sets for Successful EA Adoption

If you are more concerned about applying Architecture Core (AC) concepts in day-to-day work, rather than attaining certification, ATD Solution runs a 1-day classroom Master Class. We cover the key concepts that most architects and executives would use, in a compact, high-energy introduction or refresher. Note that this 1-day class is not sufficient to prepare students for certification. Click here for more details.

Online Primers – Mastering Enterprise Architecture Skill Sets for Successful EA Adoption

In an online primer assessable anywhere there is an Internet connection, in 3 hours you will have the chance to experience the training and material, to see if it is right for you, before you embark on the path of certification. Note that this 3-hour online class is not sufficient to prepare students for certification. Click here for more details.

Master Classes and Online primers are not regularly scheduled. Be sure to check detailed course pages for schedules. Or use the notification forms above to enable auto-notification of classes.

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