Course Info

Duration: 1 Days

Reference Course: 4-day Iasa Solution Architecture

Course Info

Duration: 1 Days

Prerequisites: CITA-F certification, Iasa Associate – Business Technology Strategy (BTS)

Certification: Certified Information Technology Architect – Associate level, by Iasa

Assessment: CITA-A certification consists of two exams: BTS and Specialisation. The Information Specialization exam is made up of 100 multiple-choice questions to be proctored on the fourth day of this class. The passing grade is 70%.

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Course Overview

ATD has tailored this power-learning Master Class as a succinct concentration of the Iasa Solution Architecture curriculum for equipping you with the requisite Solution Architecture skill sets to become an expert in a variety of hardware platforms, devices, operating systems and databases, with hands-on experience across multiple industries and disciplines.

Funding Availability

Financial aids are available for Solution Architecture training at ATD from the following agencies/organizations:

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Training Benefits

  • Manage information-related resources including storage, retrieval, delivery, classification and utilization of information to maximize shareholder values and support technology strategies.
  • Develop technical solutions that conform to both customer requirements and information development standards.
  • Design, build and manage information landscape that would dovetail with business objectives.
  • Develop, out of information and database components and their relationships, information taxonomical and ontological schemas in the context of technology software and infrastructure.
  • Artfully and scientifically shape information products, services and experiences to support reusability and retrievability of data within the enterprise.
  • Deliver business impacts and values centring on storage, retrieval, usage, presentation and design of information.
  • Perform Data Modelling, Practical Techniques and Application, and Data Profiling Techniques.

Who Should Enrol?

This class has the potential to turn a multi-talented dilettante into an expert in many categories. Recommended for:

  • Presales Consultants
  • Solution Specialists, Solution Consultants
  • Strategy Consultants
  • Corporate Strategists
  • Team Leaders
  • IT Managers, IT Directors
  • Junior and Associate Solution Architects
  • Technical decision makers
  • IT Management team members

Topics Covered:

  • Solution Architecture Roles and Team Structure
  • Components of a Solution
  • Workshop 1: Solution Architect Primary Role at Tinkleman
  • Architect Organization
  • Workshop 2: Solution Architect Organization
  • Solution Architecture Lifecycle
  • Managing Solution
  • Engagement Model Lifecycle
  • Delivering a solution
  • Business and Technology Strategy
  • Workshop 3: Presenting Solution Architect

You will gain from this class a clear understanding of the four primary aspects of solution architecture and an aptitude for working with developers and other architects to deliver the solutions. You shall be the communication expert to the stakeholders while working within the team throughout project lifecycles to ensure appropriate delivery of technology strategies.

In other words, you can be counted on to establish solution architecture for midsize to large projects and act as the project delivery architect using common, proven techniques and procedures.

In-House Classes:

For companies and individuals with in-house training needs with certification, we can organize classroom training sessions with customized dates & venues. Our instructors teach in English, but with the assistance of qualified translators, the training can be done in most languages. Please email to get started.

Master Class – Mastering Information Architecture

If you are unconcerned with attaining certification, and would rather just be familiarised with Information Architecture in day-to-day functions, ATD Solution offers a 1-day Master Class in a classroom setting—it is a high-impact, power-learning introduction to (or refresher of) key Information Architecture concepts.

Master Classes and Online primers are not regularly scheduled training options. Please check the detailed course pages for schedules, or use the notification form above to turn on auto-notification of classes.

Note: This 1-day class is not an adequate preparation for passing the certification exam.


This Master Class is a single-day distillation of our 4-day Iasa Solution Architecture certification course. Although an intensive introduction to Solution Architecture, it is not sufficient for passing certification exams because, due to time constraints, certain topics must either be discussed in a dash or left out completely (such as Design Patterns and SDLC). There is no certification awarded for this Master Class.


Please email us at to begin the conversation.

Or you can call us directly by using these contact numbers.

The cost may vary by country and specific terms. We will try our best to cater to our clients’ needs, including fulfilling customized training dates and locations, and even offering customized training modules if the business cause is justifiable. Contact us to find out more!


We have made available an online version of this class that is accessible anywhere with Internet connection. You can experience in 3 hours the snapshots of this class, and evaluate for yourself if it is worthwhile to enrol in the more extensive classroom edition or better yet, to embark on the Iasa certification path. Click here for more info.

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