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Duration: 1 Days

Reference Course: 5-day Architecture Core (AC)

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Course Overview

This class was tailor-made to teach the fundamental skill sets required for understanding and analysing the relationships between business and technology. With this new capacity to think in technical terms and deduce from which communications that make business sense, you will be ready to make significant contributions toward successful EA adoption and implementation in your organization.

Who Should Enrol?

Not only is this Master Class a perfect introduction for those who are new to EA, it is particularly beneficial to everyone involved in IT projects/initiatives from both IT and business sides who has no formal training in tried-and-true EA skill sets. They include:

  • All technology stakeholders (IT and Business teams)
  • Transformation Office team members
  • IT Consultants, Business Consultants
  • Those involved in preparing tenders
  • Project Management Office team members
  • Business/Information/Infrastructure/Software/Solution Architects
  • IT Managers, Project Managers

Topics Covered:

  • IT Architecture Landscape
  • The Business Values of IT Architecture
  • The Scope and Roles of Business Architects
  • The Driving Force for Business Architecture Initiative
  • Value Stream Integration with Business Architecture
  • Group Discussion 1: Value Stream Case Study based on Levi’s
  • Business Requirement Architecture Unveiled
  • Group Discussion 2: Draw Use Case Diagram
  • Use Cases Scenarios in Business Requirement Architecture
  • Group Discussion 3: Do Basic Flow section – Library System
  • Walkthrough Business Requirement Architecture Template
  • Group Discussion 4: Complete Use Case Documentation – Hotel Management System Case Study


In today’s business environment fraught with complex human dynamics and volatile market conditions, the lack of EA skill sets can really throttle business agility. Get ready to increase business agility by taking this Master Class – based on Iasa ITABoK (IT Architecture Body of Knowledge), it sheds valuable insight into business architecture and business IT integration with special emphasis on fundamental EA skill sets for successful EA adoption.

After this class you will be able to rationalize the business value of Enterprise Architecture and derive the strategic value of IT. Through lecture and group case studies you will learn to match business needs and wants accurately utilizing Use Case Scenarios in Business Requirement Architecture, a proven common technique for both business and IT teams.

Corresponding Certification Course – Compare & Contrast

The 1-Day Master Class: Enterprise Architecture Skill Sets for Successful EA Adoption is a single-day distillation of our 5-day Architecture Core (AC) certification course. It is focused on specific fundamental skill sets that would ensure successful EA adoption and as such, foundation-level skills in Business Technology Strategy, Quality Attributes, Human Dynamics, IT Governance etc. have been left out. There is no certification awarded for this Master Class.

Organization/Group Enrollment

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The cost may vary by country and specific terms. We will try our best to cater to our clients’ needs, including fulfilling customized training dates and locations, and even offering customized training modules if the business cause is justifiable. Contact us to find out more!

Online Master Class

We have made available an online version of this class that is accessible anywhere with Internet connection. You can experience in 3 hours the snapshots of this class, and evaluate for yourself if it is worthwhile to enrol in the more extensive classroom edition or better yet, to embark on the Iasa certification path.

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