Course Info

Duration: 1 Days

Reference Course: 4-Day TOGAF® 9.2

Course Info

Duration: 1 Days

Prerequisites: CITA-F certification, Iasa Associate – Business Technology Strategy (BTS)

Certification: Certified Information Technology Architect – Associate level, by Iasa

Assessment: CITA-A certification consists of two exams: BTS and Specialisation. The Information Specialization exam is made up of 100 multiple-choice questions to be proctored on the fourth day of this class. The passing grade is 70%.

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Course Overview

Now, it is possible to learn in one day the global industry-standard Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework, The Open Group TOGAF® 9. Keeping in mind the fact that the world’s leading organizations utilize TOGAF® 9 to improve efficiency, this 1-Day Master Class: TOGAF 9 has been specially designed to not only impart knowledge on the core concepts of TOGAF® 9, but also the application of said knowledge toward its most profitable benefit – the delivery of business values and capabilities.

Who Should Enrol?

This Master Class is perfect for those who are not concerned with attaining certification and are more interested in learning the concepts and application of TOGAF® 9 which would allow them to work more effectively with architects.
Recommended for:

  • All Enterprise Architects (Business, Information, Infrastructure, Software, Solution)
  • IT Governance team members
  • Middle to senior management including CTO, Directors, VPs, Head of IT, CIO, board members, and more.

Topics Covered:

Information for Business

  • TOGAF Management Overview
  • ADM Phase: Preliminary
  • Business Scenarios
  • Stakeholder Management
  • ADM Phase A: Architecture Vision
  • ADM Phase B: Business Architecture
  • ADM Phase C: Information Systems Architecture Overview
  • ADM Phase C: IS – Data Architecture
  • ADM Phase C: IS – Application Architecture
  • ADM Phase D: Technology Architecture
  • Migration Planning Techniques
  • ADM Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions
  • ADM Phase F: Migration Planning
  • ADM Phase G: Implementation Governance
  • ADM Phase H: Architecture Change Management
  • Architecture Requirement Management

EA promises to be the modern business’ key to success in today’s technology-driven environment and dynamic business landscape, in which businesses must continually develop new capabilities. This course covers the practical application of the TOGAF® 9.1 EA framework to implementing an Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO) which would translate IT investments into technology strategic vehicle for realizing business values and new capabilities.

You will learn the various phases of TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (ADM) for the development of EA in four domains: Business, Data, Application and Technology. TOGAF® effectively unites under one common framework different methodologies in business planning, Enterprise Architecture and project management. You will also learn to analyse and manage IT stakeholders for the purpose of garnering buy-in and support.

Corresponding Certification Course – Compare & Contrast

This 1-Day Master Class: TOGAF 9.1 is a single-day distillation of our 4-day TOGAF® 9 certification course It is an action-packed introduction to TOGAF® 9, but for the purpose of passing certification exams it is inadequate since, due to time constraints, certain topics must be discussed cursorily or altogether omitted (such as Support Techniques, Partitioning, and Maturity Models). There are no certification awarded for this master class.

Organization/Group Enrollment

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The cost may vary by country and specific terms. We will try our best to cater to our clients’ needs, including fulfilling customized training dates and locations, and even offering customized training modules if the business cause is justifiable. Contact us to find out more!

Online Master Class

We have made available an online version of this class that is accessible anywhere with Internet connection. You can experience in 3 hours the snapshots of this class, and evaluate for yourself if it is worthwhile to enrol in the more extensive classroom edition or better yet, our 4-day TOGAF® 9 course for The Open Group TOGAF® 9 Foundation + Certified (Level 1 + 2) certifications.

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