More Enterprise Architecture Implementations Than Most Other Outfits

Even with large consulting firms that may offer all your consulting needs from a drop-down menu, Enterprise Architecture implementations are not often experienced. Client organizations may commission one implementation in a few years. So even though you may be getting a brand-name consulting giant, that same company may not always have the experience in the trenches needed to make your implementation a success.

At ATD Consulting, Enterprise Architecture is all we do. We don’t let anything else detract from our vision, and in our services catalog, you won’t find anything unrelated to E.A. Largely because of this, in the last 5 years, we have accumulated thousands of man-hours of implementation experience, doing this day-in-and-out.

We’re quite confident that in the Asia Pacific region, it would be difficult to find a consulting outfit with the amount and variety of E.A. experience as us.

Measuring Our Engagement Success By Making Ourselves Redundant

At ATD Consulting, we have a simple KPI that we use to measure our own efforts as well as the clients’ E.A. readiness: Can the client move forward on their EA initiatives without us?

While a lot of it is the skill-level of the individual team-members within the client organization, we also engender a mind-set shift by starting with the client Communities-of-Practices (CoP) that ensure the client can truly drive its own EA transformation.

We’re quite confident no other consultant, big or small, would be willing to do this, as selling bodies is so much more profitable compared to training the client.

The Deep Bench Of The ATD Consulting Team

The senior members of the ATD consulting team average over 25 years of experience across various industry verticals at some of the most-respected public and corporate organizations around the world.

They bring to the table a wide range of specialized skills such as IT research and development, business and product development, enterprise architecture, strategic management, governance, social and digital marketing business services.

If we put it another way, we are now still at a size where every single project has the attention of one of our founders, who can rally and focus resources in a way only founders can, to solve important clients’ challenges so project deliveries remain on track.

Option Of Third-Party Review of Our Consulting Deliverables

ATD Solution is so confident of the quality of our deliverables, that we invite clients to audit our deliveries to ensure that they are up to global best-practices. This can be an internal client audit team.

If our client has an active advisory subscription with a world-leading research firm, they can choose to activate the independent Third-Party Review and Advisory stipulation. As a routine, ATD Solution has aced this review every time the review was requested.

What Makes Our Consulting Approach Different

Old Approach
(Framework & Process EA)
Our New Approach
(Digital EA)
EA treated as an IT ProjectEA becomes a key part of an organization’s culture
Static, unchanging deliverablesDeliverables maintained in a live digital repository, and constantly updated
Coverage and benefits are limited to a few departments within an organizationCovers and benefits the entire organization
Mostly focuses on Frameworks & TechnologiesHolistically spanning Frameworks, Technologies, Skill Sets (ITABoK), and Modelling Language (ArchiMate®)
Centred around process and methodology-driven approachesEA as an engine for digital transformation, building enterprise capabilities and driving business growth
Lacks standardized measurements for assessing ROIBusiness-Outcome-Driven EA with clearly measurable ROI via EA Maturity Assessment
EA engagement mostly centres around consulting services, with limited knowledge transferHolistic EA engagement encompassing consulting, coaching and learning for 100% knowledge transfer

Digital E.A. As A Culture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) must be embraced at every level in an organization to the point of an entity-wide cultural shift. If this is not achieved, it is almost certain that after the consultant leaves, the E.A implementation would fail, with static documentation that the consultant had delivered being kept in cupboards, never to be referred to again. Meanwhile, vast amounts of shareholder’ or taxpayers’ money were wasted.

So how does ATD Consulting help the client bring in a cultural shift? ATD deploys a proven, flexible model utilizing a combination of our consulting, education and coaching services.

Discuss your unique needs with our experience Business Architect or IT Architect.

We will present to you how ATD Consulting able to help your organization

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