Processes Mapping & Readiness Assessment

Our typical consulting engagement starts with an Enterprise Architecture Readiness Assessment of our clients’ organization, during which a critical path to successful Enterprise Architecture adoption and implementation is set, complete with enterprise capability incremental milestones. This is the engagement phase which most closely resembles a typical consulting engagement, with our team of consultants usually camping out at the clients’ premises until all stakeholders’ concerns are mapped, and all pain points and skill gaps are clearly identified.

Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessments are performed at the end of Enterprise Architecture Transition and annually thereafter to monitor and ascertain the achievement of enterprise capability increments.

Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, Skillsets, & Notations, Instead of Just Technology & Equipment Acquisition

ATD Consulting takes a different approach. We’re vendor-neutral, and can work with all technology vendors provided they conform to the business capabilities requirements mapped out.

Instead, we ensure that client focus is shifted back to the other three aspects of the model, namely Frameworks, Skillsets, and Notations. All these aspects need to be learnt, individually and as an organization.

Here, we experience one of the unique aspects of ATD Consulting – we also run an Enterprise Architecture school where all these skill sets are systematically taught by instructors with real-world implementation experience. Students learning mostly through intense workshops that simulate MBA-style case studies, but with an Enterprise Architecture focus.

Together with a committed client, we take on the difficult work of transforming an organization’s Enterprise Architecture culture, training the client person-by-person, team-by-team, and department-by-department.

We’re quite confident no other consultant, big or small, would be willing to do this, as selling bodies is so much more profitable compared to training the client.

‘Live’ & Ever-Updating Processes As Compared To Static Documentation

One of the common misperceptions of Enterprise Architecture consulting is that: Enterprise Architecture = Documentation.

The consultants & vendors that contribute to this misperception typically delivers realms of documentation (often in sets of 10 copies, both digital & hard-copy), where all the processes and capabilities are ‘mapped’ and architected. The harsh reality is that oftentimes, these documentation are worth less than the paper they are printed on.

ATD Consulting has a simple starting point: In the age of digital transformation, where disruption is the new normal, business processes are often obsolete by the time they are mapped. What is needed is a ‘live’ mapping processes where adjustments can be made in real-time, and dependencies and relationships are automatically updated as a result of direction changes or processes renewals.

ATD Consulting exclusively works with ‘live’ repositories. Our platforms of choice includes ArchiMate®2 and Orbus, but other platforms are also workable pending client preferences. Without a ‘live’ repository, and the client capability to update them, enterprise architecture projects could really just become mere paper documentation exercise.

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