Post-Implementation Coaching Services – Ensuring Knowledge Learnt Becomes Business Capabilities

Clients that are truly committed to maintaining their own Enterprise Architecture capabilities often find it helpful to engage ATD Solution for its coaching services, where we coach individuals or teams within the client organization in real-world projects, solving real-world problems that the client cares about.

From our experience, this coaching is invaluable, as often, despite best efforts to simulate real-world learning, there is a period of gestation where skill-sets learnt in the classroom needs to be deployed to a live project in creative manners, to achieve new business capabilities.

During coaching session, our expert facilitators help you complete key initiatives, work through critical project deliverables, and train your team. We use a learning-based approach and tailored the coaching session to your unique situation. This is the uniqueness of ATD Solution Coaching it’s clients to be successful on Enterprise Architecture implementation journey.

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