ATD Consulting accelerates the adoption and implementation of Enterprise Architecture (EA) so that they can immediately benefit from having technology deliver strategic value to their business.

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  • At 2:36 pm
    Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

    Integration of Business and Technology is the use of technology to realize the business value of the organization to embrace Digital Enterprise. But, the crucial thing in realizing this vision is communication whereby people within the organization are needed to be equipped with certain competency and skills in order to have an effective communication.

  • At 1:47 pm
    Three Ways Employees Will Benefit From Digital Transformation In 2018

    Business is no longer as usual. New technologies in the workplace, like machine learning and augmented reality, create opportunities for companies to enhance employee productivity. Alan Lepofsky, analyst at Constellation Research, Inc. discusses three key areas where technology will impact work as we know it.

  • At 1:33 pm
    Digital Transformation Brings New Security Challenges

    IN a digital economy, where businesses interact with customers on a greater scale and with greater efficiency than ever before, trust attracts customers.

    But these same capabilities also amplify mistakes and make exposure to business risk more systemic. That could mean losing customers, market share, and value.

    Digital risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin. To gain the trust of customers and regulators in the digital economy, businesses must have strong security at each stage of the customer journey.


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